Burpee Beep Ladder…Can You Keep Up?

By Adam Scott, MS CSCS


We developed an assessment that tested our athlete’s muscular endurance, anaerobic fitness, aerobic fitness, and mental toughness.  We called this assessment the Burpee Beep Ladder (BBL). 

The BBL assessment consists of multiple, back-to-back one-minute intervals.  In order to move “up the ladder” an athlete must complete a certain number of burpees each minute.  Minute one begins with 10 burpees.  The athlete works through these repetitions as quickly as they wish – with the remainder of the minute as a rest period.  If the athlete is able to complete 10 burpees within the minute they will move one “rung” up the ladder.  Minute two requires the athlete to complete 12 burpees in one minute.  If this is completed, then the athlete moves to minute 3 and 14 burpees, then minute 4 and 16 burpees, then Level 5 and 18 burpees…and so on until they are unable to complete the prescribed repetitions in a minute.  The athlete is then scored on the total number of burpees performed.


Burpee Beep Ladder

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 3.46.22 PM











A day after the initial test, we ran our athletes through the assessment again. Check out the video to see one of the groups:



For the last four months, our athletes have been sending us their scores.  We have compiled those results and created a percentile-based breakdown of the scores.


Athlete Demographics
Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 3.46.30 PM

Percentile Rankings
Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 3.52.26 PM

Remember:  The percentile rank of a score is the percentage of scores that are equal to or lower than it.  For example,  for a male who scored 68 on the BBL assessment, fall into the 60th percentile.  This means they scored higher than 60% of the athletes who took the test.  In other words, they are in the top 40%. 


How do you stack up?

As of right now, male scores range from 22 to 128.  That means that no one has made it past rung 7 (minute 7-8).  For the females, scores have ranged from 51 to 86.  That puts the highest female at rung 5 (minute 4-5). 

Take the assessment by yourself or in a group.  Post a video, send us a message or a tweet or just shoot us an e-mail with your scores.  We want to know how you measure up. Email us at coach@mtntactical.com




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