Have a “Mission Direct” Research Idea? We Want to Hear It.

Testing LT Heart Rate under Load.

By Rob Shaul

Are you a tactical or mountain athlete familiar with our work who has an idea for one of our research studies?  We want to hear it.

Research topics need to be “Mission Direct” – in the sense study findings can be deployed immediately in the field, and can include fitness/exercise science, gear, nutrition, safety systems, sports/combat psychology, mental fitness, and unit culture.

Read more about our Mission-Direct approach to research HERE.

As examples, here are some of the study ideas we’re pursuing currently:

  • Differences in nutritional demands between loaded and unloaded movement on flat and incline.
  • Impact of loading on tactical sprint speed.
  • Testing and comparison of SCBA Emergency Breathing Techniques for urban firefighters
  • Develop a neck and back strength assessment and progressed programming for Blackhawk pilots
  • Develop a Flexibility/Mobility Assessment for Tactical Athletes
  • Develop a progressive stress marksmanship system for archery
  • Develop and test a program to improve heavy rucking and upper body strength for female tactical athletes
  • Develop and test a progressive multi-modal work capacity training system based on power

Please send study/research suggestions to: 

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