The True Impact of a Summer Guiding Season

  This article was first published in September 2015 By Adam Scott, MS, CSCS   Here in Jackson, WY the summer guiding season typically goes from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  For our professional mountain guides, this means a steady increase in work from the end of May through the beginning of September, with a […]

Ruck Deep Dive – Study #1: Physical Attributes Which Relate to Rucking

By Adam Scott, MS, CSCS   In September 2015, Mountain Tactical Institute (MTI) had the pleasure of completing the first phase of our official Ruck Deep Dive Study.  We traveled to Colorado Springs and tested a total of 46 ROTC Cadets from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  This article was written immediately after to provide […]

Pull-Up Training Partnerships

The Mountain Tactical Institute (MTI) is happy to announce two new research partnerships. Both partners will be conducting research projects based on the pull-up study we completed earlier this summer. The first project, which started this week, is a 6-week study at GRIT Strength and Conditioning in Austin, TX. GRIT Head coach, Stephanie Twohey and […]

Help Needed Developing a Tactical Athlete Work Capacity Standard

Adam Scott, MS, CSCS Work capacity is a major component of a tactical athlete’s fitness.  The ability to perform during short/intense events is vital to a tactical athlete’s operational effectiveness and battlefield security. Our tactical athlete Base Fitness programming builds 5 areas of fitness: Strength, Work Capacity, Endurance, Stamina and Durability. On the strength side, […]

The First Responder Project

By Rob Shaul Today we’re announcing the “First Responder Project.” The mission of the First Responder Project is to be a resource, beacon of inspiration and a like-minded community for First Responders who want to train professionally for their jobs as tactical athletes, and improve the fitness cultures at their units. The First Responder Project […]

Developing A Work Capacity Standard Part I: Power Calculations and CrossFit

  Adam Scott, MS, CSCS The military abounds with endurance standards (both aerobic and muscular).  At MTI, we rely pretty heavily on the relative strength standards we have developed over the past 7 years.  Somewhere between these two standards lies the elusive realm of Work Capacity.  Endurance standards rely on distance and time (e.g. 5 […]

An Assessment of a Midsize, Urban, Midwestern Fire Department

  By Rob Shaul The Fire/Rescue profession is a physically demanding, high-risk occupation. In fire departments, many individual Fire/Rescue Athletes (F/RAs) agree fitness is important, but many fire departments also have notably weak fitness cultures which demonstrate inadequate support for fitness and poor participation in fitness training. With this project, we developed and applied a Fitness Culture Assessment for […]

The Best Way to Improve Pull-Ups? Part III – The Results and The Verdict

Adam Scott, MS, CSCS Last week marked the end of our 6-week 3 method pull-up training experiment.  So, on Tuesday we conducted our post-cycle assessment to see how our athletes (and the 3 training methods) stacked-up. Methods (Quick Summary):  Six weeks ago we divided our athletes into 3 pull-up training groups:  (1) Volume Pull-Up Training, […]

Mission-Direct Research

By Rob Shaul The Mountain Tactical Institute demonstrates our hard pivot to human and mission performance research. It’s built from a serious need for an institution which places the mission first. Our focus is “Mission-Direct Research” – practical, functional, innovative tools and techniques mountain and tactical athletes can deploy in the real world, right away. […]