Help Needed Developing a Tactical Athlete Work Capacity Standard

Loaded 300m Shuttles.

Adam Scott, MS, CSCS

Work capacity is a major component of a tactical athlete’s fitness.  The ability to perform during short/intense events is vital to a tactical athlete’s operational effectiveness and battlefield security.

Our tactical athlete Base Fitness programming builds 5 areas of fitness: Strength, Work Capacity, Endurance, Stamina and Durability.

On the strength side, we’ve developed standards – 1.5x Bodyweight Bench Press and Front Squat, for example. And we’ve done work in this direction on the endurance side. Time to turn to work capacity.

Intuitively, we understand the work capacity demands of tactical events generally involve loaded, repeated sprinting or similar efforts. We also understand the interval and overall duration is likely different for LE, Fire/Rescue and Military operations.

Working to determine these individual intervals, and overall operation duration will help us develop the standard. This is where we need your help.

We’ve developed a short, 5-question survey and would appreciate your time to complete it. We’ll publish the results next week or the week after. Link is below.

Tactical Athlete Survey:

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