Pull-Up Training Partnerships

The Mountain Tactical Institute (MTI) is happy to announce two new research partnerships. Both partners will be conducting research projects based on the pull-up study we completed earlier this summer.

The first project, which started this week, is a 6-week study at GRIT Strength and Conditioning in Austin, TX. GRIT Head coach, Stephanie Twohey and PhD student, Devon Humphreys, will be conducting two experiments. The first will look at which training programs will be most effective at increasing pull-up performance in athletes who are already able to complete a full repetition. The second will examine which programs are most effective for athletes who are unable to complete a repetition (i.e. 0 reps).

Stephanie and Devon have taken the three groups we used in May: (1) Volume Training, (2) Weighted Training and (3) Eccentric Training and expanded them. These two new studies at GRIT are a great opportunity to reexamine the lessons we learned back in May and hopefully add some new, exciting information.

The second project is currently under Institutional Review at California State University Monterery Bay. Dr. Eric Martin, a new researcher at the university, contacted MTI early this summer after our pull-up study was sent to him by his brother, a Military Athlete follower.

Dr. Martin also has two studies planned. The first will be a comparison of the three training loads we used during our study: (1) Body Weight, (2) Over Body Weight and (3) Eccentric. With this first study we hope to establish discernible ratios between the three loading methods. In other words we want to know how body weight pull-up performance translates to weighted and eccentric pull-up performance.

Next, Dr. Martin plans to take what we learn in the first study and apply it to the three original training methods: (1) Volume Training, (2) Weighted Training and (3) Eccentric Training. This study will consist of testing the three training methods during a 12-week formal study. The study is designed to use subjects from his university, our MTI lab rats, and athletes from gyms around the country. So, if you are a coach or trainer working with athletes and would like to participate in this study please contact us at: adam@strongswiftdurable.com.

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