An Assessment of a Midsize, Urban, Midwestern Fire Department



By Rob Shaul

The Fire/Rescue profession is a physically demanding, high-risk occupation. In fire departments, many individual Fire/Rescue Athletes (F/RAs) agree fitness is important, but many fire departments also have notably weak fitness cultures which demonstrate inadequate support for fitness and poor participation in fitness training.

With this project, we developed and applied a Fitness Culture Assessment for tactical units, and applied it to a Midwestern, urban/suburban fire department. The assessment deployed three specific research methods:

  1. An online survey
  2. 3-days of on-site observation
  3. In-person interviews

As well, we conducted a Job Task Analysis for the Fire/Rescue Athletes (F/RAs) in this specific department. The Job Task Analysis also deployed three research methods:

  1. In-Person Observation
  2. Historical Data Analysis
  3. In-formal interviews

The objective of the Job Task Analysis was to develop a Department-specific fitness assessment and to create a functional, job-specific training program which could be applied to the Department.

Read the entire report here →  Fitness Culture Assessment and Job Task Analysis of a Midsize, Urban, Midwestern Fire Department



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