Lab Rats Needed To Test Weight Loss and Performance Impact of Intermittent Fasting

  SORRY – NOT ACCEPTING ANY MORE LAB RAT APPLICATIONS FOR THIS MINI STUDY.   By Rob Shaul MTI is calling for remote lab rats, ages 22-50, for an upcoming, focused, 3.5 weeks, 5-day/week Mini-Study testing the performance and weight loss effect of intermittent fasting.   This mini-study will begin Monday, November 29. The deadline […]

Fit Lab Rats Needed To Train for MTI’s “Apex” Fitness Test Standards

  By Rob Shaul MTI is calling for fit remote lab rats to train to meet MTI’s new “Apex” Fitness Standards. There are 5 events in these standards:  2x Bodyweight (men), 1.5x Bodyweight (women) Back Squat 15x (women) / 25x Max Rep Pull Ups (men) 5:30 (men) / 6:00 (women) 1-Mile Run Time 72 min […]

Mini-Study Results: Lab Rats Improve 1RM and Bodyweight Strength Concurrently, Scheduling Differences Inconclusive

  By Rob Shaul, Founder BLUF Remote lab rats were able to increase both 1RM Strength and Bodyweight Strength concurrently across several events, but exercise scheduling differences between groups of lab rats proved inconclusive as to which would increase assessed exercises the most. Background and Study Design We conducted a 3.5-week Mini-Study using remote lab […]

Mini Study Results: Lab Rats Following MTI’s Nutritional Guidelines Slightly Outperform Those who Didn’t in Strength and Endurance Gains

  By Rob Shaul, Founder BLUF Remote lab rats who followed MTI’s nutritional guidelines slightly outperformed those who didn’t in strength and endurance gains resulting from MTI’s Big 3 Strength + 5 Mile Run programming. However, both groups saw concurrent improvements in total body strength and 5-mile run performance. Background and Study Design We conducted […]

Mini-Study Results: Performance Impact of MTI’s Nutritional Guidelines Mixed

By Rob Shaul, Founder BLUF Eight remote lab rats completed an assessed, 3.5 weeks multi-modal (strength, endurance, work capacity) training program while following MTI’s recently updated Nutritional Guidelines. Their final re-assessment results were then compared to the results from 18 remote lab rats who completed the same 3.5 week training plan in September, 2020, but […]

Valor Update: Lab Rats Increase Strength and Ruck, Run, Speed over Ground

By Rob Shaul   BLUF This 7-week Mini-Study investigated the tactical fitness building capacity of an update to Valor – one of MTI’s most well-known tactical athlete training plans. Ten remote lab rats completed the full 7 week, 5 day/week mini study and saw an average … 12.9% improvement in max effort Barbell Complex strength […]

Mini-Study Results: Lab Rats Increase Power per Bodyweight An Average of 15.7% Following MTI Power-Based Endurance Programming

By Rob Shaul, Founder BLUF Three and a half weeks of MTI power-based endurance programming increased power per bodyweight an average of 15.7%.   Background and Study Design Until this mini-study, a significant part of MTI endurance programming is pace-based. The athlete will complete a run, ruck, row or swim assessment, and follow-on intervals will […]

Convention Isn’t Physiology

By Rob Shaul   In the strength and conditioning world there are established “conventions” – almost dogmas – concerning proper programming, that are rarely challenged. General conventions include … Mobility and movement patterns must be perfect before loading or else the athlete will be injured doing light back squats Dynamic warm ups are required, and […]

Mini-Study: 357 Strength matches Density Strength in Strength Improvement; Outperforms for Endurance

By Rob Shaul, Founder BLUF MTI’s 357 Strength progression methodology matched MTI’s Density Strength progression in strength gains, and in a cycle that paired strength training with endurance, outperformed in endurance performance.   Background and Study Design We conducted a 3.5-week Mini-Study using remote lab rats to test the effectiveness of MTI’s 357 Strength progression […]