Mini Study: 3 Weeks of Extended, Multi-Modal “Grind” Training Sessions Maintain Strength, Work Capacity, Increase Endurance

By Rob Shaul   BLUF Six remote MTI Lab Rats following a 3-week, 5-day/week training cycle exclusively of extended (20-40 minute), multi-modal “grinds” maintained max effort strength and sprint-based work capacity, while increasing endurance. Below are the average changes in the assessed performance metrics. Back Squat 1RM: +3.56% Bench Press 1RM: +1.04% Max Rep Pull […]

Mini Study: Effect of Loading on SCBA Duration

 By Brice Long, MTI Fellow Background In previous Mission-Direct Research, MTI has looked at several different elements of loaded movement including: Impact of heavier shoes on hiking pace, Development of an MTI Route Card for estimating hiking and rucking times Study design Test subjects: Six full time firefighters, 5 male and one female Uniform: PT […]