Arete 2.10.24

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy Settler colonialism is not an ‘academic fad’, Al Jazeera Kenya religious cult leader, 29 others charged with murder of 191 children, Al Jazeera Chinese spies hacked Dutch defence network, intelligence agencies say S. China Morning Post Senior Chinese officials voice concerns on US tariffs, investment curbs in ‘candid’ bilateral meeting, […]

Mini Study: Confounding Results on HIIT vs Sprints for Work Capacity Improvement

By Rob Shaul, Founder BLUF We conducted a mini study comparing the work capacity improvement of shuttle sprint repeats vs short, multi-modal HITT efforts, but the results were inconclusive Background Crossfit popularized short, multi-modal HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in the mid-1990s and impact continues. While Crossfit Founder Greg Glassman did not invent multi-modal work […]

Fitness Snapshot of 45+ MTI Athletes

By Rob Shaul, Founder Background I founded Mountain Athlete, a small gym in Jackson, Wyoming, when I was in my late 30s, and over the nearly 20 years since, the work and programming has and continues to evolve and grow into MTI. This programming growth pushed to programming for older athletes, ages 45+ in 2019. […]

I’m a Vet Who Climbs, Skis and Volunteers on the Colorado Front Range. Here Are the 6 Essential Pieces in my Winter Kit

By Brian Dillon, MTI Contributor Avy Shovel: Black Diamond Evac 9 Normally, you will always hear the phrase, “beacon, shovel, probe”, in any backcountry circle, particularly in Colorado where the snow is notoriously dangerous for a portion of the winter season. While all three are critical to mitigating avalanche fatalities, the shovel is typically underrated.  […]

Arete 2.3.24

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy El Al to stop flights to South Africa following ICJ genocide case – report, The First Medal of Honor Recipient of the Vietnam War Dies at Age 89, CIA director secretly visits Somalia and Kenya amidst rising tensions in East Africa, In Norway, young people compete to […]

Arete 1.27.24

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy Russia Regains Upper Hand in Ukraine’s East as Kyiv’s Troops Flag, NY Times Vietnam Isn’t North Korea—and 50 Years of Australian Aid Has Helped, HSN How Quickly Could Iran Make Nuclear Weapons Today?, HSN What’s Behind the Surge in Attacks by Yemen’s Houthis, RAND British military takes out moving drone […]

My Challenges in Retiring from the Army

By Brian Reed, MTI Contributor I joined the Army at 18 on 1 July 1985 when I entered the United States Military Academy (USMA) at West Point.  Upon graduation, my plan was to do my 5-year active-duty service obligation (ADSO) and then get out – “5 and fly.”  I retired on 1 September 2023, over […]

Arete 1.13.24

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne resigns, Al Jazeera French colonel: Ukraine will run out of ammo in February, Pravda Report Sweden to send 800 troops to Russian borders to get ready for war, Pravda Report ­­Ukraine Has a Pathway to Victory, Foreign Policy It’s Not Too Late for Biden to […]

Happiness Formula – A Retrospective Approach 

By Carl Amolat, MTI Contributor BLUF: When I was deployed to Kuwait in 2022 I first found the article about the Happiness Formula during some downtime. Needless to say, aboard Camp Arifjan during my deployment and during my subsequent demobilization and return to my home in Florida I spent quite a bit of time thinking […]

Supple At 60: A Thought Experiment On Longevity

By Craig Hysell, MTI Contributor My jiu-jitsu instructor’s movements were smooth, patient, and meticulous. When he demonstrated being in a bad spot, he made the bad spot look better than the good spot. He was light, lean, lethal, highly energetic and looked like he was in his early to mid-50’s.  He was closer to 70. […]