Arete 4.27.24

A note about Arete …. I select the links and articles that make up Arete weekly. Those that I select are ones that I find interesting and/or important – either because of the topic or the source. Just because I select an article or link does not mean that I believe in what the article says or the veracity of the source. I’ve received criticism for including articles from the Pravda Report, Al Jazeera, etc. The reason the sources are listed is so you, the reader, can understand where the article comes from. I search far and wide for articles/links, and I find the Russian or Arab world takes on current events interesting, especially when juxtaposed with the US media sources and US government line.

Often, I’ll choose articles or links that are critical of tactical athletes, mountain athletes, or others in the MTI community. I don’t do this to piss you off or offend, but rather because I find that knowing what your opponents are writing and thinking is important for any professional. I find it interesting and, sometimes, enlightening. I’ve got nearly two decades of supporting mountain and tactical athletes, but being your cheerleader doesn’t help you grow or improve.

If I’ve chosen an article from a source that you don’t trust, you don’t have to read it. Likewise, if I’ve chosen an article with a headline, opinion, or viewpoint you don’t agree with, you don’t have to read it either. However, I’d encourage you to do so – especially those articles and links you disagree with. I always learn something, and you might too. – Rob Shaul

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

How Close is Iran to Having a Nuclear Weapon?, Bloomberg
Israeli attack on nuclear sites to prompt tit-for-tat, pursuing nukes: Iran, Al Jazeera
Hezbollah launches deepest attack inside Israel since Gaza war began, Al Jazeera
3 Reasons This Country Is a Top ISIS Recruiting Ground, NY Times
New Zealand Becomes the Latest Country to Pivot to the U.S., Foreign Policy
These 18 senators voted against Ukraine and Israel aid, Business Insider
Inside the Changing World of Drone Warfare, Task & Purpose
Nearly 200 bodies found in mass grave at hospital in Gaza’s Khan Younis, Al Jazeera
Qatari official: Jews are murderers of prophets; October 7 is only a ‘prelude’,
RIP, SSF: Unpacking the PLA’s Latest Restructuring, The Diplomat
The Israel-Gaza War Has Changed Everything, Unherd
To Expand the U.S. Navy’s Fleet, We Must Contract, Real Clear Defense
101st Airborne soldiers win second straight ‘Best Sapper’ title, Task & Purpose
DARPA Pits Piloted F-16 Against AI Enabled F-16, Real Clear Defense
Why the South China Sea Could Spark a War, Bloomberg
Germany Arrests 2 Alleged Russian SpiesScouting U.S. Military Facilities, CBS
Next Generation Squad Weapon and Optic Exceed Soldiers’ Expectations, Army Times
Russia Urges Citizens to Avoid Flying Turkish Airlines to Latin America, Moscow Times
Navy offers some sailors $100,000 to reenlist, Task & Purpose
Do Tanks Have a Place in 21st-Century Warfare?, NY Times
Arrests of Europeans for Aiding Russia Raise Fears of Kremlin’s Reach, NY Times
What Are Americans’ Top Foreign Policy Priorities?, Pew
Africa undergoes continental shift, Pravda Report
US agrees to pull troops from Niger, Task & Purpose
Niger’s Eviction of U.S. Commandos, Drones Derails America’s CT Strategy, WSJ
‘Hit the Mark’: The Army’s New Rifles, XM7 and XM250, Stars & Stripes
Germany arrests two dual nationals over alleged Russian sabotage plot, Al Jazeera
Sweden, Finland, and NATO’s First-Class Airpower Upgrade, RAND
Chinese scientists increase F-22 fighter jet’s radar signature 60,000 times with new detection method: study, South China Morning Post
More than 50,000 Russians killed in Ukrainian ‘meat grinder’: Report, Al Jazeera

The Grand Strategy Behind J.D. Vance’s Latest Push To Kill Ukraine Aid, Politico
Questions Linger as Ospreys Take Flight Again, National Defense Magazine
Two Mexican mayoral contenders found dead on same day, Al Jazeera
Veteran Narratives of Support for Extremist Groups and Beliefs, RAND
What Happens if Ukraine Loses?, Economist
‘Israelism’: How deep do indoctrination and Israeli army glorification go?, Al Jazeera
Public Disputes Undercut Officer Class, RealClearDefense
Can Studying Combat in the Black Sea Improve the Chinese Navy?, RAND
USSOCOM Inducts 18 New Members into Commando Hall of Honor, Soldier Systems
Special Operations Joint Task Force Central Establishes Space Force Team, Soldier Systems

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

In Utah, the Town of Alta Thinks Small, With a School to Match, NY Times
Scientists Suggest First Link Between Always-Fatal Deer Disease CWD and Human Deaths, GearJunkie
Taking the High Routes: Documentary Explores Addictive Nature of Thru-Hiking, GearJunkie
WY Judge Throws the Book at Shed Antler Poacher, GearJunkie
The Best Camping Gear and Accessories, Outside
Famed “Ride the Rockies” Race Canceled Due to Low Registration, Outside
I Love Dogs. But Here’s Why I Don’t Love Your Trail Dog.. Outside
Everything You Know About Lightning Safety in the Backcountry Is Wrong, Outside
Avalanches Caught 117 People in Colorado in 2024. Why Did Only Two Die?, Outside
Kona Bicycle Brand for Sale After Dropping Out of Sea Otter Bike Show, GearJunkie
Gearbox: 2024 Ropes, Backcountry Mag
TGR Celebrates Five of JHMR’s Most Legendary Moments, Teton Gravity Research
After 13 years, no end in sight for Caribbean sargassum invasion, the Daily Climate
RIP, Kona, Blister
Quaint Wyoming Ski Resort For Sale, Powder
Introducing the Black Diamond Team Collection, Black Diamond
American Sam Watson Sets Speed Climbing World Record, Climbing
This Is Why Climbers Need to Know Advanced Rappelling Tactics, Climbing
11-Year-Old Becomes Youngest to Climb 5.14d, Climbing
Top 10 Tricks From the 2024 Freeride World Tour, Freeskier
These Four Climbers Have Free-Soloed 5.14, Gripped Mag
The Impossible Dilemma of a Polar Guidel, Outside
This “Foldable Propulsion Stick” Motorizes Any Skateboard, Unofficial Networks
Cliff Jumper Survives 106ft Back Flop With Exploded Lung & Lacerated Ear, Unofficial Networks
Yellowston’s Wolves: A Debate Over Their Roll in the Ecosystem, NY Times
Have You Tried This Climbing Grade Calculator?, Gripped
Tom Bolger Shows How to Make Pro Climbing Work, Climbing
Two Alpinists Ski Down a Big Climbing Route, Gripped
Rocky Talkie 5-Watt Radios – Pro-Grade Backcountry Communication, Off Piste
Jackson Hole Announces New Sublette Lift For Next Season, Powder
Trevor Semmens Breaks Down His “Near-Disaster” Crash On McConkey’s, Powder

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Sports Psychology Has An Evidence Problem, Outside
A Sports MD on the Hope (or Hype?) of Continuous Lactate Monitors, Triathlete
The Best Running Headphones of 2024, GearJunkie
Let Them Eat …. Everything, NY Times
Why Won’t Health Insurance Companies Pay for New Drugs?, RAND
Skip the Paste—You Should Chomp Down on a Toothpaste Tablet, GearJunkie
Will the Olympics Save Nike From Its Midlife Crisis?, GearLatest
Hop Water Isn’t Trying to Be Beer. That’s Why We Like It., Wirecutter
The Best Carbon Steel Pan, Wirecutter
There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Post-Workout Protein, Outside
Hundreds of Websites Are Selling Fake Ozempic. Here’s How to Spot Them, Healthline
The Men’s Health Guide to Weight Loss After 50, Men’s Health
How Do I Get Rid of Skin Tags?, NY Times
Morning Calories vs. Evening Calories,
Bird Flu Remnants Found in Pasteurized Milk After Cows Infected in Eight States, Bloomberg
Big Junk Food’s Campaign to Get You Eating Doritos and Oreos for Dinner, Bloomberg
What is screen time doing to children?, Economist

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