Arete 5.18.24

A note about Arete …. I select the links and articles that make up Arete weekly. Those that I select are ones that I find interesting and/or important – either because of the topic or the source. Just because I select an article or link does not mean that I believe in what the article says or the veracity of the source. I’ve received criticism for including articles from the Pravda Report, Al Jazeera, etc. The reason the sources are listed is so you, the reader, can understand where the article comes from. I search far and wide for articles/links, and I find the Russian or Arab world takes on current events interesting, especially when juxtaposed with the US media sources and US government line.

Often, I’ll choose articles or links that are critical of tactical athletes, mountain athletes, or others in the MTI community. I don’t do this to piss you off or offend, but rather because I find that knowing what your opponents are writing and thinking is important for any professional. I find it interesting and, sometimes, enlightening. I’ve got nearly two decades of supporting mountain and tactical athletes, but being your cheerleader doesn’t help you grow or improve.

If I’ve chosen an article from a source that you don’t trust, you don’t have to read it. Likewise, if I’ve chosen an article with a headline, opinion, or viewpoint you don’t agree with, you don’t have to read it either. However, I’d encourage you to do so – especially those articles and links you disagree with. I always learn something, and you might too. – Rob Shaul

Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

Vietnam risks wider Spratlys dispute with more land reclamation: Chinese think tank, South China Morning Post
Biden slaps new tariffs on Chinese imports, ratcheting trade war, Al Jazeera
DoD’s Consulting Bloat Suffers from Rot, Real Clear Defense
U.S. To Use AI To Fly Fighter Jets, Navigate Without GPS …, Real Clear Defense
Ukraine and the Pity of War, Real Clear Defense
Decline of Senior Officer Integrity and Civilian Control of the Military, Real Clear Defense
U.S. Homeland Missile Defense: Charting A Different Course*, Real Clear Defense
US Air Force’s F-22 Raptors lost to German Eurofighters in mock dogfights, but the verdict on the superior jet isn’t as simple, Business Insider
An Army Drone Branch? Idea Advances in House Subcommittee, Real Clear Defense
America Needs To Lead in Drone Warfare, Real Clear Defense
America Plays Catch-Up With China in South Pacific, IndAustrailia
American Special Operations Forces Are at a Crossroads, WarZone
Decisionmakers Never Pay the Price, Real Clear Defense
When War Means Total Destruction, Wall Street Journal
AFSOC Looks Toward ‘Swarm Pilots’, Defense One
As Germany Mulls Military Service Return, What About Europe?, DW
The U.S. Has Never Pivoted to the Indo-Pacific, American Spectator
Russian corruption probe widens as senior defence official arrested, Al Jazeera
The Day After Iran Gets the Bomb, Foreign Policy
China and the U.S. Are Numb to the Real Risk of War, Foreign Policy
Erdogan: more than 1,000 Hamas members being treated in Turkish hospitals,
Air Force pilot killed when ejection seat fires on the ground, Task & Purpose
NATO begins practicing taking of airfields by air in Romania, War is Boring
Chinese Nationalist Groups Are Launching Cyber-Attacks – Often Against the Wishes of the Government, Homeland Security Newswire

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

Climber Missing in Rocky Mountain National Park After Summiting Longs Peak, GearJunkie
I Thought Motorcycles Didn’t Belong In the Wilderness. I Was Wrong., Outside
Get Up To Go Down With Our Favorite Enduro Bikes, Outside
Two Skiers Killed, One Rescued in Lone Peak, Utah, Avalanche, Outside
Two Experienced Climbers Die on Mount Whitney amid Winter Conditions, Outside
Is it Still Safe for Me to Camp in Baja California?, Outside
Black Diamond Presents: Retro Modern—Part 4: The Big Smile, Black Diamond
Stuck Climbing the Same Grade? You Need a Training Program. Here’s How to Make One, Climbing
An Ill-Advised Attempt of the Canadian Rockies’ Highest Peak, Climbing
The Gunks are a Trad Climber’s Paradise, Gripped
These Seven Women Have Climbed V15, Gripped
U.S. Ski Racer Breezy Johnson Hit With 14-Month Ban by U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, SnowBrains
Inside the Fight to Save a Historic Hawaii Hike, Outdoor Journal
Tram Riders Watch In Horror As Skier Ragdolls Down Big Couloir (Video), Unofficial Networks
Terminal Tackle, Gray’s Sporting Journal
Sitka Gear Ambient Hoody Review, Western Hunter

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

 What  You  Aren’t  Hearing  About  Weed’s  Health  Effects,  WSJ
Polar Grit X2 Pro In-Depth Review: A Flagship Watch?,DC Rainmaker
9 Best Sex Toy Deals for Masturbation May: Suction Toys, Vibrators, and More,GearLatest
The Best Running Shoes for Training and Racing,Outside
Here’s Why Lifting Weights Is the Most Effective Way to Lose Weight, Men’s Health
How to Set Up a Tablet for Kids,Wirecutter
The Best First Phones for Kids,Wirecutter
How Common Are GLP-1 Drugs Like Ozempic? 13% of U.S. Adults Have Used Them, Healthline
How Much Slower Will You Get As You “Age Up” in Triathlon?, Triathlete
Low Testosterone in Men Linked with Higher Risk of Death, Healthline
Tapeworms Are Real. I Had One And So Could You.,Outside
Irregular Meals, Night Shifts, and Metabolic Harms ,
A Guide to Postpartum Training and Return to Sport, Training Peaks
Experts Watching Bird Flu Carefully in Case It Takes Off, WebMD
Can weight-loss drugs such as Ozempic also treat addiction and dementia?, Guardian

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