Arete 4.13.24

A note about Arete …. I select the links and articles that make up Arete weekly. Those that I select are ones that I find interesting and/or important – either because of the topic or the source. Just because I select an article or link does not mean that I believe in what the article says or the veracity of the source. I’ve received criticism for including articles from the Pravda Report, Al Jazeera, and the Moscow Times. The reason the sources are listed is so you, the reader, can understand where the article comes from. I search far and wide for articles/links, and I find the Russian or Arab world takes on current events interesting, especially when juxtaposed with the US media sources and US government line.

Often, I’ll choose articles or links that may be critical of tactical athletes, mountain athletes, or others in the MTI community. I don’t do this to piss you off or offend, but rather because I find that knowing what your opponents are writing and thinking is important for any professional. I find it interesting and, sometimes, enlightening. I’ve got nearly two decades of supporting mountain and tactical athletes, but being only your cheerleader doesn’t help you grow or improve.

If I’ve chosen an article from a source that you don’t trust, you don’t have to read it. Likewise, if I’ve chosen an article with a headline, opinion, or viewpoint you don’t agree with, you don’t have to read it either. However, I’d encourage you to do so – especially those articles and links you disagree with. I always learn something, and you might too. – Rob Shaul


Military, National Defense, Foreign Policy

How Patriot Proved Itself in Ukraine and Secured a Fresh Future, Army Times
Iran’s Order of Chaos, Foreign Affairs
Microsoft Pitched the US Military on Using Azure OpenAI’s DALL-E for Battle, Gizmodo
U.S. F-35s to Poland: NATO Has 5-Times More 5th-Gen Jets Than Russia, Warrior Maven
Congress Needs Answers before Sending More Aid to Ukraine, Responsible Statecraft
Manta Ray High-Endurance Underwater Drone Unveiled, The WarZone
America’s Next Soldiers Will Be Machines, Foreign Policy
Pentagon Panel Says Women Should Be Integrated into Marine Platoons as Part of Recruit Training,
Israel Offers a Glimpse Into the Terrifying World of Military AI, Washington Post
China eyes home-grown aircraft engine, larger commercial planes with big equipment upgrades by 2027, S. China Morning Post
Why America Needs AUKUS, The National Interest
F.E. Warren Air Force Base Medical Squadron Commander Fired 3 Months into Job,
Navy Captain Relieved for ‘Loss of Confidence’ Following Investigation, Task & Purpose
How a Culture Shift in the Israeli Military Helps Explain Gaza’s Death Toll, Foreign Policy
Force Design Is Still Too Heavy, Proceedings
Tailoring Deterrence by Studying Restraints at the Nuclear Brink, NIPP
The Looming Ukraine Debacle, The National Interest
Commander of Air Mobility Squadron in the United Kingdom Quietly Fired by Air Force,
America’s Best Friend in Asia,RAND
China’s Xi says outside interference can’t stop reunion with Taiwan, Al Jazeera
‘We can’t be bullied’: Rwanda won’t take sides in US-China rivalry, envoy says. S. China Morning Post
Norway To Double Military Spending, Breaking Defense
Murmansk Governor’s condition stable after bizarre knife attack, Pravda Report
Russia finds evidence proving Ukraine’s association with Crocus City Hall terrorist attack, Pravda Report
Army Special Forces students are learning Ukrainian in new language course, Task & Purpose
Army PSYOP training to be unified under new school, Task & Purpose
Four ways Iran could retaliate against Israel’s latest strike, Atlantic Council
Pentagon can’t force Starlink to block service to Russians, US official says, Defense One
Moscow attack shows growing reach of ISIS-K. Could the US be next?, Defense One
NATO Doesn’t Have Enough Troops, Foreign Policy
Analysis: The consequences of US weakness in Iraq and Syria, Long War Journal
Did North Korea Really Test a Hypersonic Missile?, RAND
The War Is Not Going Well for Ukraine, The Atlantic
Can anything help Ukraine now?, Morning Defense
Would America dare to bring down a Chinese bank?, Economist
How Xi Jinping plans to overtake America, Economist
Biden Says U.S. Is Considering Dropping Assange Case, NY Times
Army approves uniform change for soldiers at Fort Bliss, Popular Military
China Reaches out to Russia, North Korea as US Cements Trilateral Partnership With Japan, Philippines, The Diplomat
Why Macron Is Thinking About Western Intervention in Ukraine, The Geopolitics
Russia, the West, and Churning Arctic Geopolitics, The Geopolitics
USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: April 8, 2024, USNI
Mike Kofman and Rob Lee on Drones in Ukraine, WOTR
Two-Theater Tragedy: A Reluctant Europe Cannot Easily Escape a Sino-American War Over Taiwan, WOTR
The Moscow Terror Attack Shows the Limits of the Russia-Iran Partnership, RAND
The Crisis in East Asia: Korea or Taiwan?, WOTR

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security, Wilderness Professional

 Kelly Slater Asks $20 Million for Oahu Beach House, WSJ
15 Peaks, 15,000+ Vertical Feet in 12 Hours: Mammut Athlete Crushes Monster Multisport Tour,GearJunkie
‘Hallelujah’: Watch Kayakers Paddle the PNW’s Most Stunning Waterfalls, GearJunkie
Is Buying New Gear Better than Using Old Gear Until It Falls Apart?, Outside
Samaya ULTRA35 Review: Minimalist Dyneema Pack Worth Maximalist Price, GearJunkie
Alaska is the Center of the Universe, Outside
21-Year-Old Skier Dies While Attempting To Jump Colorado’s Berthoud Pass, Unofficial Networks
Your Rain Jacket May Soon Be Illegal, Outside
Black Diamond Presents: RetroModern—Part 2: Blood Meridian, Black Diamond
Stop Using “Redpoint Mode” As An Excuse to Skip the Line, Climbing
Josh Daiek Wins $10K From GoPro as The March Line of the Winter Champion, Freeskier
Just Because It’s April Doesn’t Mean It Can’t Look Like Winter At Colorado’s Resorts, Unofficial Networks
Veronica Paulsen and Madison Rose Take on Apocalypse Couloir in Grand Teton National Park, Freeskier
Projected Ski Resort Closing Dates for the 23/24 Season, Freeskier
Hedvig Wessel Tears Into Giant Alaskan Lines, Freeskier
Will Bosi Climbing V17 in the U.S. and Europe, Gripped
Michaela Kiersch Climbing Six V11+ Boulders in a Day, Gripped
The 12 Most Beautiful Scuba Diving Destinations in the World, Outside
Dirtbag Snowboarders Document Living Amongst The Elite of St. Moritz, Unofficial Networks
For the Love of Dirt, Patagonia
Once More, With Feeling, Gray’s Sporting Journal
The Wall as a Mirror, Patagonia
Understanding the Bass Spawn, Outdoorhub
Wyoming Officials Say They Can’t Prosecute Man Who Tortured Wolf, Wide Open Spaces
Should Shed Hunting Require A License?, Meateater

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

Can all meat diet be healthy?, Pravda Report
Test Your Mobility Against The Women of The US Ski Team, Unofficial Networks
The Surprising Way Air Hunger Limits Your Endurance, Outside
We Tested Dozens of Running Shoes. These Are the Best for High Arches, Outside
10 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Porn and Where to Go for Help, Men’s Health
6 Stretches to Help Ease Lower Back Pain, Men’s Health
When is The Right Age to Start Training Your Kids?, Muscle & Fitness
Daily Dozen–Inspired Recipes,
Stevia and Other Non-Sugar Sweeteners May Not Increase Appetite Levels, Study Finds, Healthline
Costco Weight Loss Program Offers Prescriptions Like Ozempic, Wegovy, Healthline
A Big Week for GLP-1 Drugs, Real Clear Health
Is Gen X ‘Biologically Aging’ Faster Than Boomers?, Science
Appetite Suppression Without Drugs, T-Nation
Triple Your Pull-Ups in Just 10 Weeks, T-Nation
Leukotape P: The Duct tape for your body, Western Hunter
Do DNA-Based Diets Work?, T-Nation

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