I really appreciate the awesome programming

Last time I emailed you, you recommended that I roll into Humility (V3). I just finished it and wanted to re-iterate what an awesome program it was. For reference, my fitness background going into this was about a year of laziness, followed by Bodyweight Foundations, and then the first  4 weeks of Bodyweight Build. Here were […]

Your Programming is changing our school!

Wanted to shoot you an email- I’m sure you get testimonials all the time but I wanted you to know that your programming has really changed our school community in a way no one expected. I’ve used your programming since November training for a Rainier climb, so I know it works. I teach high school […]

Peak Bagger Helped Me Crush Mt. Shasta

This past Friday I reached the summit of Mt Shasta. It was my first attempt at a “14er” and to prep for it I followed your “Peak Bagger” programming. The type fitness needed to succeed on Shasta was very different than my typical work as a SWAT operator. After completing “Peak Bagger” which was physically […]

I’ve found that I can now run a 10k on the trail with little pain

Dear Rob and MTI Team: It’s been about one year since I signed up for the Athlete’s subscription with Mountain Tactical. I’ve now finished BDFG 1 and 2, Mountain Base Helen and Artemis, SF45, and currently in the last week of Body Weight foundation. I’ve also fixed my diet, lost 30 pounds, and have started […]

Let me tell you that your program was fantastic!

I just returned from a fantastic trip with Angela Hawse (who sings your praises!) and three other women on which we climbed and skied Mt. Elbrus in Russia. On the advice of my daughter, who lives in Jackson, I followed your backcountry ski training program to train for this adventure.  I’ve been weight training on […]