Howdy. Just dropping y’all a quick line to say thank you. Yesterday I took my final written exam, passed it and became a certified firefighter 2 at the ripe young age of 42. It was a journey that all started several weeks before academy with y’all’s Fire Academy Training Plan. More than the physical preparation […]

I’ve been using your Busy Dad and LE/Patrol Detective plans for a while now. I’m a 12 year Air Force veteran, a very busy dad to two little girls, husband, and am now working through my state’s police academy to transition to civilian law enforcement. Without a doubt, your programs have allowed me to keep […]

I really appreciate the awesome programming

Last time I emailed you, you recommended that I roll into Humility (V3). I just finished it and wanted to re-iterate what an awesome program it was. For reference, my fitness background going into this was about a year of laziness, followed by Bodyweight Foundations, and then the first  4 weeks of Bodyweight Build. Here were […]

Your Programming is changing our school!

Wanted to shoot you an email- I’m sure you get testimonials all the time but I wanted you to know that your programming has really changed our school community in a way no one expected. I’ve used your programming since November training for a Rainier climb, so I know it works. I teach high school […]

Peak Bagger Helped Me Crush Mt. Shasta

This past Friday I reached the summit of Mt Shasta. It was my first attempt at a “14er” and to prep for it I followed your “Peak Bagger” programming. The type fitness needed to succeed on Shasta was very different than my typical work as a SWAT operator. After completing “Peak Bagger” which was physically […]

I’ve found that I can now run a 10k on the trail with little pain

Dear Rob and MTI Team: It’s been about one year since I signed up for the Athlete’s subscription with Mountain Tactical. I’ve now finished BDFG 1 and 2, Mountain Base Helen and Artemis, SF45, and currently in the last week of Body Weight foundation. I’ve also fixed my diet, lost 30 pounds, and have started […]