I really appreciate the awesome programming

Last time I emailed you, you recommended that I roll into Humility (V3). I just finished it and wanted to re-iterate what an awesome program it was. For reference, my fitness background going into this was about a year of laziness, followed by Bodyweight Foundations, and then the first  4 weeks of Bodyweight Build. Here were my results:
Weighted 1-mile: 7:58, 7:31, 6:53
HRPU: 37, 39, 41
EOS: 40, 35, 42
Squats: 80, 90, 90
Burpee Beep ladder: Level 3 + 13 (49), Level 5 + 11 (81), Level 5 + 15 (85)
Pull-ups: 17, 18, 19
5-mile: 40:14, 41:06, 38:33
I’m really pleased with Humility and the results I got. Not going to lie, I was intimidated by how intense this looked. Now that I’m on the other side of it, I feel much more confident about what I can accomplish and more in-tune with what it means to push myself physically. Thanks for the awesome program!
Feedback: I strayed from the prescribed plan on a few things. On a couple of the results above, you’ll see that the second assessment was lower than the first. I honestly think this was just from being fatigued. Because of this, I took the last two non-assessment days of week 4 off, effectively making it structured like week 7. The other thing I strayed from was the prescribed burpees following the second assessment. I had such a large increase between week 1 and 4 that I could no longer keep up during the workout. For example, my 25% went from 12 (week 2) to 20 (week 5) every 90 seconds. For week 5, I did 8 rounds of 15 (~18%). For week 6, I did 4 rounds of 18(~22%) then 4 rounds of 15 (~18%). Just to be clear, I don’t think the programming is flawed here; I just think that I may have been right on the cusp of being fit enough going into Humility. Definitely had some “beginner gains.”
Maybe you have already considered this, but thought I’d ask: have you considered adding more than one day of pull-ups per week? HRPUs are benefiting from burpees and squats are benefiting from leg blasters, but pull-ups aren’t really getting hit other than Tuesdays. Along with this, I think it would be helpful to do some more EOs aside from just the assessments. I only say this because they require some practice to get fast at them.
Anyways, I got a lot out of Humility and really appreciate the awesome programming. Thanks again.