Your Programming is changing our school!

Wanted to shoot you an email- I’m sure you get testimonials all the time but I wanted you to know that your programming has really changed our school community in a way no one expected. I’ve used your programming since November training for a Rainier climb, so I know it works. I teach high school at a small charter school in Denver. For perspective, we have 21 kids in our entire senior class. It’s a unique community- we have a lot of kids from lower income and English as a second language families, and even a large number of Sped kids who before now have never regularly exercised. We’ve had a hard time getting an athletic community off the ground- we had 9 kids in all of middle and high school run cross country and our basketball team was 7 kids. After basketball ended, I started a Strength and Conditioning club to try and get athletes ready for next year but even to get kids to workout together and try and build a sense of community. We’ve been doing the push up/pullup improvement plan and the single dumbbell/kettlebell training plan. We’ve regularly had over 20 kids at strength and conditioning every day. On top of that, we’ve had a large turnout of female students. Historically, a lot of girls at our school have had some sort of eating disorder. They now regularly talk about how much they are having to eat to stay fueled up for our workouts and are jazzed at how much stronger they’re getting. Your business and programing has changed our school in a really cool way. The athletics department at Two Roads Charter School wanted to say thanks.