What To Eat?


By Rob Shaul


Our view of nutrition is contrary to most. First, we find the goal of proper nutrition can be and is used as an excuse not to train hard. There are many people with great diets who are severely de-conditioned. Likewise, there are many people who have terrible diets but are very fit.

We do believe that a bad diet will limit and hinder your fitness. Eat well, train hard, get plenty of sleep, and you’ll make great gains. It’s an element of your training.

Second, proper nutrition is intuitive, it isn’t rocket science. You know when you’re eating junk.

Third, we believe strict, onerous diets are not sustainable over the long run. And we’re in it for the long run.

Here’s our Nutritional Guideline:

6 Days a Week: Eat lean meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and drink water. Don’t eat carbs (bread, spuds, rice) or sugar.

1 Day a Week: Cheat like a mother! Beer, pizza, ice cream – you name it! We’ve found you can’t eat clean over the long term without cheating. We’ve also found the longer you stick to this diet, the less you’ll “cheat” on your cheat days, and the more cheating will hurt you – i.e. stomach ache, gas, etc.



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