Fitness Tests for LE Athletes

By Rob Shaul

I’m currently developing strategies and ideas to develop a fitness test for LE Athletes, along the lines of what I’ve done for Military Athletes. My initial thoughts include a mid-distance shuttle sprint component, upper body strength, explosive power, and core strength.

The idea of a fitness test for LE Athletes has been fought by public employee unions, who fear tests with jeopardy could cause experienced officers to lose their jobs.

One department which has implemented a test, with some success, is the Colorado Springs Police Department. The CSPD assessment test sit-ups, push up, the Illinois Agility Run, and Beep Test. Here are the details:

The department and the union came to a compromise where the officers who failed the test weren’t fired, but would be put on an improvement program. The standards were also diluted to the level of a sedentary adult. Also, officers could fail a single part but make up for it on other parts of the test. Finally, SWAT was separated as well due to the fact that they would skew the standards high.

So, many compromises were made to get the test implemented…. but it’s a start.

Here are my initial thoughts about a test for us:

1) 75% Bodyweight Bench Press for reps in 60 seconds (55% for women)

2) Max Reps Strict Pull ups

3) 2 Rounds

    60 sec 25m shuttle for reps

    60 sec rest

    Count total reps from both rounds

4) 60 Second Box Jump for Reps. Men-24”, Women – 20”

5) 2 minute Situps for Reps

I’d appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Please email me,

Finally, here is an article from 2008 on the poor state of fitness amongst law enforcement officers:

– Rob Shaul

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