Plan Focus: Fat-Loss Training Program

By Rob Shaul

For some Athletes, their muscle/fat ratio can be a limiting factor. The impact of muscle/fat relation on physical performances is crucial.

Our Fat-Loss Training Program is designed to help you lose fat and build muscle at the same time. It focusses on aerobic conditioning, work capacity circuits, and total-body muscular endurance.

It includes multiple 2-a-day training sessions with a total training time of 70-80 minutes per day.

This is a progression based training plan – i.e. the programming increases in both intensity and difficulty as you work through the plan.


Here is the Training Week

  • Monday AM: Assessments or Work Capacity, Core Training
  • Monday PM: 30 Min Jog or Walk, Easy Pace
  • Tuesday AM: Work Capacity, Shuttle Runs, Core Training
  • Tuesday PM: 30 Min Jog or Walk, Easy Pace
  • Wednesday AM: Running Intervals (800m Repeats)
  • Wednesday PM: Rest
  • Thursday AM: Rest
  • Thursday PM: 30 Min Jog or Walk, Easy Pace
  • Friday AM: Work Capacity, Core Training
  • Friday PM:  30 Min Jog or Walk, Easy Pace
  • Saturday: Endurance Run

Fat-Loss Training Program is included in the monthly subscription or can be purchased as an individual plan.

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