Plan Focus: Chassis Integrity

Fort Bliss soldiers perform Keg Lifts – one of our rotational Chassis Integrity exercises.

By Rob Shaul

Our Chassis Integrity programming theory evolved last summer after a personal experience. I had moved away from the tactical programming to some distance running and bodyweight work. The bodyweight training included plenty of core work – sit-up variations, bridging, lower back complexes, EO’s, and some ground and equipment based work such as Russian Triangles, Ankles to Bar, GHD Sit ups, etc. 


Further, my core circuits pushed beyond what I commonly programmed for athletes in both rounds and duration. I really hammered it – or so I thought. 

After a couple months I got back underneath the barbell for some front squats and struggled to go heavy. My legs were strong, in isolation, and my core was strong, in isolation, but the link and coordination between the two wasn’t there – I lacked “chassis integrity.” 

This had a real impact on me – as I’d hammered my mid section, but all that work hadn’t translated into a the functional task of lifting heavy while standing. It caused me to question my core programming theory to that point and I began to develop the Chassis Integrity model.

Earlier this year Outside Magazin interviewed Coach Charly in regards to  our Chassis Integrity Theory and published a Video called “The Ultimate Core Workout” with an example of a circuit.

The Circuits train rotation, anti rotation, total and extension (low back) midsection strength and strength endurance from a standing or kneeling position. They extend 10-20 minutes and can be completed as stand alone training sessions or add on components to any training session.

Chassis Integrity is included in the monthly subscription or can be purchased as an individual Plan.


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