New Selection Training Packet Available and Price Reduction on All Training Packets


MTI currently offers several training plan packets.

These packets include 4+ training plans for a discounted price. This week we have reduced all of the prices of the training packets, so that they are 30% the full retail price of the plans included.

Training Packets Available:

Virtue Series Packet

Military Strength Packet

Ruck Based Selection Training Packet


SFOD Selection Packet

New training packet available

The Selection Training Packet  is now available.

This training packet is designed FOR suffering seekers, those who don’t like themselves much, or souls who want to get a multiple doses of selection training.

These plans come from the special forces selections of the four US combat services:

Navy: BUD/s V2 Selection Training Plan

Air Force: USAF CCT/PJ/CRO Selection Training Plan

Army: Ruck Based Selection Training Plan V5 (SFAS-Green Beret)

Marines: MARSOC A&S Training Plan

Each plan is 8-weeks long, mostly 6 days/week, and all have been used successfully by individuals preparing for these selections. Each is very intense, including multiple two-a-days, long weekend events, etc.

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