Virtue Series Packet


• 5x Proven, MTI Training Plans in 1 Packet
• Fortitude, Valor, Humility, Resilience, Gratitude
• Train Strength, Endurance, Work Capacity, Chassis Integrity and Stamina concurrently but with subtle cyclic emphasis
• Save 30% over purchasing the plans individually
• You can purchase these plans together in this packet individually. As well, all are included with an Athlete’s Subscription to the website.

Product Description


The MTI “Virtue” Training Packet is composed of our 5 “Virtue” training plans developed for military and other tactical athletes. These plans were first designed and “lab ratted” at our Wyoming facility in late 2014 and early 2015. They were updated in March 2017, and fifth plan, Gratitude, was added.

Overall, the Virtue Plans train the following fitness attributes:

  • Relative Strength
  • Work Capacity
  • Endurance (running, rucking, gym-based multi-modal)
  • Chassis Integrity

Click the links below for the specifics for each training plan:


What order should the plans be completed it? 

– Humility
– Fortitude
– Valor
– Resilience
– Gratitude

Required Equipment?
Click the individual training plans above for each plan’s specific required equipment. In general, Fortitude, Valor and Resilience require a fully-equipped functional fitness gym, and ruck. Humility and Gratitude are limited equipment plans.

The $169 price for this packet represents a 30% savings over purchasing the plans individually and saves you $76!

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