Combat Uniform Comparison Study: Crye Precision vs. Acr’teryx LEAF vs. Army Standard Issue

Crye, Arc’teryx and standard issue uniforms after the completion of the durability tests.

By Charles Bausman

As mentioned in this previous article, the question we set out to answer with this two-month study was to determine whether the individual soldier should go out of pocket to purchase a non-issued uniform such as the Crye Precision or Arc’teryx LEAF products.

Lab Rat Feedback: Fit, Comfort, and Function

Our lab rat tested each uniform individually for two weeks while conducting the Military Athlete Ruck Based Selection Program, and got to know the uniforms well.

Based on fit, comfort, function, and perceived durability, he ranked the individual uniform articles below.


  1. Arc’Teryx Leaf
  2. Crye Precision
  3. Standard Army Issue


  1. Crye Precision
  2. Standard Army Issue
  3. Arc’teryx LEAF

The function of the Crye and Arc’teryx uniforms were similar in terms of pocket placement, both of which provide multiple and well thought out options to stow various items in convenient locations. The greatest disparity between the two was the cut of the pants, in which the Arc’teryx proved to be far too tight, despite following the sizing chart. The Standard Army Issue was basic in terms of function, and the fit of the shirt was uncomfortable and restrictive.

Overall, the Lab Rat preferred and recommended the Crye Precision Uniform.


Durability Testing

The three uniforms were put through a series of tests to determine its ability to dry quickly, resistance to puncture, resistance to tearing, crotch seam strength, and resistance to abrasion. The tests were determined by scenarios soldiers may endure in the field or down range, in activities such as patrolling, heavily loaded movements, and various movements associated with the job.

The results from the testing were clear. The Crye Precision Uniform proved to be the most durable, with the best performances in five out of seven tests. Arc’teryx LEAF placed second, but did not significantly outperform the standard issue Army uniform.

Uniform Durability Ranking

  1. Crye Precision
  2. Arc’teryx LEAF
  3. Standard Issue Army


Is It Worth It?

Undoubtedly, Crye has created and manufactured a superior uniform compared to what is issued to most soldiers. According to their website, a Crye G3 Combat Shirt and Combat Pant costs a total of $358.00, a significant purchase, especially when compared to a free, issued uniform.

The Crye Precision uniform is worth purchasing, if the individuals finances allow for it. It will certainly last longer than what is standard issued, but more importantly, it is less likely to tear or degrade when worn constantly over a 7 month to 13 month deployment. The risks of a shredded uniform when “outside the wire” for an extended period is significant. Your barrier to environmental conditions is reduced, and your susceptibility to cuts and infections is increased. These considerations can lead to the degradation of your health and combat effectiveness.

Make an informed decision about your finances, especially junior soldiers with meager paychecks. With that said, keep in mind the priorities of your job as a professional soldier. Troops have consistently modified and purchased their gear over the years for various reasons. If you believe your uniform may put you in a dangerous situation that could have been avoided, then it will be a worthwhile investment.

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