Arete – Sept 9, 2016

Nobody Asked Me, But. . . – Stop “Engagement at all Costs”, US Naval Institute Press
Emerging Technology, Creators of World: Are artificial intelligence, genetic modification, and human enhancement taboo? Our adversaries may not think so, Strategic Studies Quarterly, Air War College
DARPA Emerging Technologies, Strategic Studies Quarterly, Air War College
Unintended Risk: Policies Designed ‘Not to Lose’ May Make Winning Less Likely – Association of the United States Army
Ten Must-Read National Security Blogs,

15 Years On, Where Are We in the War on Terrorism?, West Point Counter Terrosm Center Sentinal
Getting Real on  the Terrorism Threat to the US, Cato Institute
The New Reality: Germany Adapts to Its Role as a Major Migrant Magnet, Migration Policy Institute
Women break barriers as Border Patrol Agents, Albuquerque Journal
Tunneling Under the Border With Mexico (video), NY Times

Six Ways to Improve the Army’s Culture – War on the Rocks
66 Stories of Battle Command, US Army Combat Studies Institute
In Africa, the US Military Sees Enemies Everywhere – theintercept.comTesla Autopilot Brings Driver to Hospital Suffering from Heart Attack –
Be, Know or Do? An Analysis of the Optimal Balance of the Be, Know, Do Leadership Framework in Future Training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Sandhurst Occasional Papers

18 Law Enforcement Blogs to Keep Police Officers Up to Date, Rasmussen College

10 Commandments of an Effective Company Officer,
Busiest Stations in the US,

Developing a more effective fire shelter, Wildfire Magazine
Boeing Wants to Fight Fires with Cannons,

Impact Zone – Outside Magazine Online
Reimagining what is Possible: Ryan Burke First to Traverse the 50 Teton Peaks in 7 Days –
Tommy Caldwell Free Climbs Mount Hooker in a Day Car to Car – Rock and Ice Magazine
The Hypocrisy of Helicopter Skiing –
Avalanche News,
Snow Sports Fact Sheet, Snowsports Industries America
Electrocardiographic Responses to Deer Hunting in Men and Women, Wilderness and Environmental Medicine
Snowboarding, Once a High-Flying Sport, Crashes to Earth, NY Times
No, Mountain Bikes Won’t Destory our Wilderness Trains, Men’s Journal
Keep Bikes off our Wildnerss Trails, NY Times

The Effect Of Age On Push-Up Performance Amongst Male Law Enforcement Officers, Australian Strength and Conditioning Association
What Happens When Fear is not an Option, Red Bull Bulliten

Study: Ski Helmets Are Not Reducing Head Injuries As Much As They Used To:
Editor’s Choice – Touring Boots, Backcountry Magazine
Freshly Ground Pour Over Coffee Anywhere,
Ultimate Fire Starter,
Ka-Bar Tactical Spork,
PFC Free Shell From Columbia,
Portable Hydroelectric Generator,

List of military clothing camouflage patterns,

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