Several New Training Plans Released

By Rob Shaul

Multiple training plans reflecting our most recent programming evolution are available for individual purchase, and for subscribers. New plans are available for both mountain and tactical athletes.

These new plans represent the most recent evolution of our day to day programming for mountain and tactical athletes.

First, on the tactical side, the plans mark our commitment to our most recent thoughts of training attributes for tactical athletes:

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 11.56.59 AM

Second, these new plans mark a change to our Fluid Periodization methodology.

Until early this year, our “Fluid Periodization” methodology deployed a system of cyclic emphasis to fitness attributes of relative strength, work capacity, stamina, endurance, durability, hypertrophy (LE) and climbing fitness (mountain).

Not only did training cycles have a significant cyclic emphasis, but most training sessions had a single training attribute focus.

These new plans, published initially in our daily training for subscribers, deploy a new application of “Fluid Periodization.”

Instead of heavy cyclic emphasis for a specific fitness attribute, individual fitness attribute emphasis now is more subtle or non-existent, and the way we develop and incorporate training the different fitness attributes into our training sessions is more “fluid” and holistic.

One noticeable change is frequent split sessions, where we’ll train one attribute for the first half the session, and a second attribute for the second half of the session.

On the macro level, we feel this approach may more effectively build the athlete’s “base fitness” over time. On the micro level, this new approach has made training sessions even more interesting and dynamic … which helps with the “burden of constant fitness” many of our athletes face.

Here is a breakdown of the new plans:

Mountain Base “Helen”
6-week, 6 day/week, 36x Session Training Cycle which combines gym-based strength, speed-over-ground endurance, aerobic base training, chassis integrity, multi-modal endurance and Climbing strength/work capacity in the same cycle. “Helen” is the first of 4-6 Greek heroine plans for out Mountain Base programming.

6 week, 4 day/week, 24x session training cycle with a subtle emphasis on strength and work capacity. “Ruger” is the first of 4-6 “gun maker” training plans specifically designed for full time SWAT/SRT teams and athletes. Most sessions are 60 minutes long.

LE Patrol/Detective Whiskey & Tequila
6-week, 4 day/week training cycles deploying our most recent application of Fluid Periodization. “Whiskey” is the first in a 4-6 plan “hard liquor” series, and trains the fitness attributes equally. “Tequila” is second in the series, and pulls back some on TAC SEPA to emphasize Upper Body Hypertrophy. Most sessions are 45 minutes long.

Military – Operator “Apollo”
6-week, 5 day/week cycle with a subtle emphasis on sprint-based work capacity, loaded running (no heavy rucking), and unloaded easy runs pushed to 10 miles. “Apollo” is one of 4-6 Greek God/Hero training plans to come.

What about Fire/Rescue?
Coming soon. “Leopard” will be the first of 4-6 “big cat” plans for Fire/Rescue. We currently have remote lab rats working through the cycle.

Again – these plans are available for individual purchase. Are you a subscriber? These plans are a few of the 50+ which come with your subscription.

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