Our Most Popular Assessment Based Training Plans

By Mintra Mattison


Assessments provide coaches and athletes with quantifiable data that can be used to measure training and scale workouts to fit the ever-changing needs of an athlete. Our assessment based programs automatically “scale” to the incoming fitness level of the individual athlete. Because they are assessment based, some of them are appropriate for both new and possibly unfit athletes, as well as experienced, fit athletes. Every athlete will be pushed and can benefit.

The assessment is usually deployed during the first training session and then reoccurs throughout the plan. This way the follow-on progressions are based upon the individual assessment results.


These have been our most popular assessment based training plans:


  1. 3-Week Push Ups & Pull Up Improvement Plan
  2. APFT Training Plan
  3. Bodyweight Foundation Training Plan
  4. Running Improvement Training Plan
  5. Military On-Ramp Training Plan
  6. Humility
  7. Fat Loss Training Plan
  8. Big 24 Strength Training Program
  9. Ranger School Training Plan
  10. Ruck Based Selection Training Plan


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