Arete 12.7.17


Why is it So Hard to Down a Missile, NY Times

N. Korea Says It’s New ICBM Completes Nuclear Fleet, Washington Examiner

The Rifles That Made America, Popular Mechanics

The Battle of COP Keating, Modern War Institute

America’s Obsession With The Military, Psychology Today

Army Drops Search for 7.62 Rifle,

7 Critical Truths About N. Korea, NY Times

The British Military Is At Risk, and the US Military Isn’t Far Behind, Real Clear Defense

Army Probes Criticism of Green Beret Training … Numbers over Quality, Real Clear Defense

Military-Grade Killer Drones Hitting the Market, Popular Mechanics

Video: Chances of War with China, Modern War Institute

Navy Commander Gets 18 Months in “Fat Leonard” Scandal, Real Clear Defense

Can’t Kill Enough to Win? Think Again, Proceedings

Army’s New M17 and M18 to Change CQB Combat, Scout Warrior

Sen. Graham: US Dependents Should Leave S. Korea, Real Clear Defense

No More ‘Whack-a-Mole,’ Real Clear Defense


Homeland Security/First Responder/Wildland Fire

Diary of a Suicidal Cop, LE Today

Body Cameras – Why Everything You Know is Wrong, Police One

Study: Body Cams Reduce Use of Force Incidents, Police One

Asian Officers File Discrimination Suit, LE Today

Border Patrol ‘Tunnel Rats’ Hound Drug Smugglers,

Are Cops Holding Back? Arrests Down Nationwide,

Study: Economically stressed white male gun owners: Emotionally attached to guns, likely to justify violence against U.S. government, Homeland Security Newswire

20,878 Murders in Mexico So Far in 2017, Forbes

Hawaii Police Reviewing Policy Requiring Marijuana Users To Turn Over Firearms, Police One

Dallas Police Chief Demotes Top Brass in Major Shakeup,

The 7 Layers of Grief After a Line-of-Duty Death, Police One

When Cops Need Help, How Come it Takes Them So Long to Get It?, Psychology Today



Dropping Corbet’s on a Mountain Bike, Unofficial Networks

Utah Ski Resorts Experiencing One of It’s Worse Early Seasons Ever, Unofficial Networks

2017 Best Men’s Ski Jackets, Outside

Mountain Running Rhythm, Black Diamond Equipment

What We Mean When We Say “Alpine” Climbing, Outdoor Research

Extreme Wellness – Intersection of Adventure and Health, Marmot

2017 Gear of the Year,

Proof You Don’t Need Much Snow To Trigger A Large Avalanche, Unofficial Networks

A Glimpse at the Sweet, Simple Life of a New Zealand Hut Warden, Adventure Journal

How and Why To Train on a Moon Board, Climbing

Backcountry Skiing – How To Start!, American Alpine Institute

Patagonia Gives Trump the Finger, Outside

Backcountry Ski Edit 101, Powder

From Shirt to Dirt: Thoughts on the Patagonia Design Philosophy, Patagonia



How An Olympic Runner Hits Race Weight, Outside

Many NFL Players Have Enlarged Aortas, WebMD

Fitness Retreats, NY Times

The Power of Tiny Practices, Psychology Today

The Best Workout to Hammer Your Chest, Muscle & Fitness

Can Baby Food Replace my Sports Gels?, Outside

What’s the Difference Between Size and Strength Training?, Muscle & Fitness

60% of US Kids Could Be Obese By Age 35, WebMD

Buoyancy Suits for Water Training, NY Times

Want To Have Better Sex, More Orgasms and a Stronger Libidio? Get a Vasectomy, Men’s Fitness

6 Rules for a Better Dead Lift, Muscle & Fitness

5 Ways to Avoid Slacking Off on Winter Running, Men’s Fitness

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