Introducing the Tactical BJJ “Action Hero” Training Packet

By Charlie Bausman


With the surge of popularity of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), we’ve received many emails from athletes inquiring about best methods for strength and conditioning training. 

Some are current Tactical Athletes (Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue) who want to balance the fitness requirements of the profession with BJJ physical demands, while others are former Tactical Athletes (primarily ex-military) who want strength and conditioning that will complement their ground game. 

We’ve found several common pain points from BJJ Athletes regarding finding Strength and Conditioning for BJJ:

  1. Not enough time to complete 60-90 minute gym sessions and BJJ training
  2. Finding a balance of gym based training that complements (rather than detracts from) BJJ training energy and performance
  3. Other BJJ focused Strength and Conditioning plans on the market are geared towards very high level competitors, while the vast majority of BJJ practitioners are hobbyists training 2-4x/week


With the Tactical BJJ “Action Hero” Training Packet, we’ve built out five plans for a total of 100x training sessions. Each plan in the packet is designed and tested to be 30-45 minutes, balancing the intensity of Strength and Conditioning with BJJ training. MTI has reduced training volume and session duration in other training plans over the last few years, with positive results. 

The plans also provide guidance on how to best balance gym training with BJJ training to ensure you don’t overtrain or overreach. 

These plans are made specifically for the active Tactical Athlete to ensure that the fitness demands of your profession are maintained and progressed. 

You’ll see a slightly different construct in the day to day sessions to eliminate low-return movements and increase efficiency. No fluff, no gimmicks, just putting the nose to the grindstone and getting to work. 

The BJJ + Tactical Athlete Action Hero Packet are 20x session plans and deploy several different strength variations (barbell strength, brute strength, bodyweight strength, and unilateral strength) along with focused Work Capacity, Chassis Integrity, specific BJJ physical demand training, and tactical endurance. 

We’re confident these plans will allow to you maximize your training in the gym and on the mats with positive progression in both. 


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