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S-67 Blackhawk: What Could Have Been, Sandboxx
Armor Crews Fire New Barricade-Busting Tank Round, Army Times
Can-Do Is Not Working, Proceedings
Biden to warn Putin U.S. will add troops in Eastern Europe if Russia invades Ukraine, Axios
Austin Warns Against Over-Hyping Recent Chinese Weapons Tests, Defense One
A mix of 4,000 Marines and Japanese soldiers will run a series of firsts in this two-week exercise, Marine Corps Times
‘Toyotas of War’ is the photo archive we never knew we needed, Marine Corps Times
Senators: Military hurt by politicians using them as ‘props’, Military Times
Former DC Guard colonel accuses Army generals of pushing ‘propaganda’ Jan. 6 timeline, Task & Purpose
Nobody actually cares about the Army-Navy football game, Task & Purpose
NATO Has Warned Russia, but Will NATO Defend Ukraine?, HSN

National Security / Foreign Relations

Russia Planning Massive Offensive Against Ukraine, WashingtonP Post
China Seeks First Military Base on Africa’s Atlantic Coast, WSJ
China Set to Create New State-Owned Rare-Earths Giant, WSJ
To Deter China, Invest in Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons, RealClear Defense
U.S. announces diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics, Axios
Here’s what America must do to counter Russian aggression against Ukraine, Defense News
Biden Is Running Out of Time to Help Ukraine Fend Off Russia, Foreign Policy
Nord Stream 2 turning into Biden’s No. 1 problem, Morning Defense
MiG-31 fighters deployed in Russian easternmost city to reach USA in 15 minutes, Pravda Report
Russia’s new missile capable of wiping off all US cities, Pravda Report
Norway dares to say ‘No!’, Pravda Report
Could China’s Massive Public Debt Torpedo the Global Economy?, War on the Rocks

First Responder / Homeland Security / Wildland Fire

Coast Guard’s New Heavy IcebreakerDelayed Yet Again,War Zone
Veterans Are Being Recruited by Extremist Groups. How Do We Help Them Say No? Defense One
Israeli Mossad targeted Iran nuclear plant with three-pronged assault, report claims,
European report claims Russia has retained Soviet-era assassination capabilities;
Support Heroes Who Keep Holding the Lin, Real Clear Policy
School Shootings Are at a Record High This Year – but They Can Be Prevented, HSN
Hubert (NC) Firefighter Airlifted, Several Injured in Crash After Christmas Parade, FFN
Barstow (CA) Firefighter Struck by Car on Freeway in Critical Condition, FFN
Anchorage (AK) Fire Department Refuses Order to Cut Broadcast of Heated COVID Debate, FFN
Unit Cohesion: Harnessing the Ultimate Killer of Low Morale, FFN
Wildfire Destroys 24 Houses in Central Montana Town, FFN
Ohio governor launches Office of First Responder Wellness, FR1
We warned this would happen: Department loses 20% of officers over mandate, says “this was no bluff”, LE Today
At least 160 San Diego cops could be fired over vaccine mandate, Police 1
Hartford finalizing contracts with police-free crisis response teams, Police 1
Former inmate firefighters create fire crew and training program, Wildfire Today

Mountain, Outside Adventure

Adam Ondra Gets Vulnerable, Trains for the Olympics in ‘Beyond Focus’, Gearjunkie
Utah Lawyer Embezzled Millions from Family of Late Shane McConkey, Outside
What You Missed: Surfer Andrew Cotton on the Impact of HBO’s “100 Foot Wave”, Outside
Airbags Save More Lives than Avalanche Transceivers. Why Isn’t Everybody Using One? Outside
Forces of Good: Teaching the Psychology of Survival, Outside
They Rode 1,000 Rocky Mountain Miles On Electric Motorcycles, Adventure Journal
Bob, Who Lives in His Van, and Lives For This Sweet Little Reefbreak, Adventure Journal
‘Flow’ Is a Big Mountain Stunner, Adventure Journal
Sam Favret’s FLOW tells the story of how a big-mountain ski movie is made, Freekier
Watch Jorge Díaz-Rullo climb Cafe solo at Margalef, Spain, PM
New Route on Everest Looks to Avoid the Dreaded Khumbu Icefall, AB
Charming towns in the South for your next winter getaway, UCJ


Fitness / Health / Nutrition

Two of the Air Force’s elite commandos are trying to earn a spot in the 2022 Olympics, Task & Purpose
Kristian Blummenfelt Shatters IRONMAN World Record on His First Try, Gearjunkie
Evidence that Hydrogels Work, Outside
Effects of Exercise Training on Resting Testosterone Concentrations in Insufficiently Active Men: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, JSCR
A New Gold Standard of Exercise Is Here, Men’s Journal
The Health Toll of Poor Sleep, NY Times
This is how many calories backpacking burns, Outside
The sunshine vitamin that ‘D’elivers on cardio health, Science Daily
Spaceflight wreaks havoc on liver metabolism, Science Daily
CrossFit Steps Into Primary Health Care Realm, WebMD
The Physiology of Treading Water, Outside



Bitcoin Failed in El Salvador. The President Says the Answer Is More Bitcoin., Foreign Policy
Report Confirms US Generates Most Plastic Waste of Any Country on Earth, Gearjunkie

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