Our Most Common Subscriber Questions


By Mintra Mattison


These are the most common questions we receive from our subscribers.


(1) Which program do you recommend?

If you’re not sure which program works best for you, you can take the MTI Survey to find a fitting training plan.
If you’re still not sure, email Rob. He answers dozens of questions daily and will be happy to answer yours.

Ask Rob


(2) Will I have access to all plans simultaneously?

Yes, with the Athlete’s Subscription Package you will get access to everything MTI has to offer.
This includes all of our 200+ plans, our educational online courses, as well as our day-to-day programming for LE, Military and Mountain Athletes.


(3) What does 3/5 Pull Ups or Squat @45/65# mean?

Whenever there are two numbers. The first is always the weight or amount of reps for female athletes. The second is always for male athletes.
So in this example:

Female athletes do 3 Pull Ups, while male athletes do 5.

Female athletes will perform the Squat with 45#, while male athletes use 65#.


(4) How do I access my plan?

All of our programming is online. You can access your subscription through your account on our website. All you need to do is log in and follow these instructions.


(5) Can I print out training sessions?

Yes, you can print out every week of your training plan simply by hitting Print under the file tab of your internet browser.
It is set up so the whole week will fit on a standard letter size sheet. You might have to adjust your printer layout settings to Landscape.


(6) I can’t find a particular training packet.

If you search for the particular Training Packet you will find the Packet Overview. This will guide you through the plans in the packet. It’s like a map that tells you which plan to start with and which plan to do next. You will have to look for each plan individually by using the search button.


(7) How can I reset my password?

You can request a new password by hitting “Lost your password” or Email us directly at support@mtntactical.com


(8) If a plan gets updated, how do I make sure I am using the most recent version?

Whenever we update a plan, we replace the old version by uploading it to our library. This way, you automatically have access to the most recent version. If you already started with the old version, roll right into the next session of the new version.


(9) What are the “Legacy” Plans?

We’ve been designing sport-specific training plans for over a decade and these plans have older programming but are proven, athlete favorites. They are solely available to subscribers.



Did we miss your question? Please email us at support@mtntactical.com




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