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Pro Mountain Guide Sheldon and Sponsored Mountain Athlete Ryan train rotational chassis integrity with the sandbag keg lift.

By Rob Shaul

I’ve written before about MTI’s core strength programming to our “Chassis Integrity” methodology.

To review, in 2015 we abandoned our former core/midsection programming because we found while it did a great job of strengthening the midsection in isolation, it did not do an adequate job transferring that strength to the entire tactical or mountain “chassis” which extends from the shoulders to the knees.

Specifically, we found our programming build a strong lower body (legs) and midsection (core) but the “integrity” between the two areas did not follow.

This caused me to re-think our core-strength training methodology and lead to our Chassis Integrity theory.

Out were isolated ground-based core exercises like weighted sit ups, face down back extensions and EO’s and circuits completed for rounds and reps.

In were functional midsection strength exercises completed from standing or kneeling only, and completed for time to train both strength and strength endurance.

Cycle-to-cycle Chassis Integrity programming varies, but in general, if we are able to train Chassis Integrity two times per week, one day we do an “ART” circuit of three exercises and the second day we do a Low Back circuit of 3-4 low back/extension focused exercises. Both circuits are done for time – 10-20 minutes.

“ART” is an acronym for 3 types of Chassis Integrity Exercises – Anti Rotation, Rotation and Total.

On cycles were we only train Chassis Integrity once per week, we generally program a single “ARTE” circuit – which trains an Anti-Rotation, Rotation, Total and Extension core strength movement.

All the exercises for all 3 types of circuits (ART, ARTE and Low Back) are from the standing or kneeling position and all are done for time, not rounds and reps.

Below is an example of each type of circuits and further below is the exercise menu I pull from for each type of Chassis Integrity Exercise Category.

You’ll notice the extensive use of sandbag exercises in this menu. We’ve found sandbag to be incredible chassis integrity training tools.

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ART Circuit Example:

20 Minute Grind …

5x 1-Sided Dead Lift @ 15/25# (Anti-Rotation)

5x Sandbag Keg Lift @ 40/60# (Rotation)

5x Sandbag Getup @ 40/60# (Total)


ARTE Circuit Example:

20 Minute Grind …

5x Cauldron @ 15/25# (Anti-Rotation)

10x Standing Slasher to Halo @ 12/16kg (Rotation)

5x Sandbag Toss & Chase @ 40/60# (Total)

10x Good Morning @ 55/75# (Extension)


Low Back Circuit Example:

15 Minute Grind ….

15/15 Standing Founder

10x Hinge Lift @ 65/95#

15/15 Low Back Lunge

10x Swing @ 20/24kg




Total Body Chassis Integrity Exercises

Sandbag Get Up

Sandbag Toss & Chase

Power Clean + Push Press

Sandbag Clean and Push Press

Sandbag Burpee

Sandbag Squat Thrust

Sandbag Pickup and Carry

Sandbag Get Up and Run

Sandbag Clean and Run

Dumbbell/Kettlebell Snatch or Clean and Push Press

Hang Power Snatch


Rotational Chassis Integrity Exercises

Keg Lift

Med Ball Wall Slam

Band Rotation

Slasher (kneeling and standing)

Slasher-to-Halo (kneeling and standing)

Standing Russian Twist


Anti-Rotational Chassis Integrity Exercises


Kneeling Sandbag Halfmoon

1-Sided Dead Lift

1-Sided Barbell Walk

1-Sided Farmer’s Carry – self explanatory.

Band Press Out


Extension Exercises

Hinge Lift (light weight, high rep)

Swings (kettlebell/dumbbell)

Ab Wheel or Barbell Rollout

Standing Founder

Kneeling Founder

Low Back Lunge

Good Mornings


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