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Would Putin Cross the Nuclear ‘Red Line’ in Ukraine? (As in Use a ‘Small’ Nuclear Weapon), 19FortyFive
Germany Hopes A Phone Call Will Convince Putin to Withdraw Troops from Ukraine, 19FortyFive
Russia Might Not Be Able to Fight NATO Thanks to the Ukraine War, 19FortyFive
Meet the F/A-18 Super Hornet: The Best Non-Stealth Fighter on the Planet?, 19FortyFive
Rare photo surfaces of top Al Qaeda leaders inside Iran, Long War Journal
Russian Ka-52 helicopters destroy Ukrainian amphibious assault group – video, Pravda Report
The clock is ticking: USA will forget about Ukraine very soon, PravdaReport
The Army wants soldiers to stop wasting time on the online classes it assigned them, Task & Purpose
Video of US soldiers training against drone swarm offers glimpse at future of warfare, Task & Purpose
Navy orders sweeping independent investigation of SEALs selection course, Task & Purpose
Call the Maritime Cavalry: Marine Corps Modernization and the Stand-In Force, War on the Rocks
Let’s Stop Being Cavalier About Civilian Control of the Military, Homeland Security Newswire

National Security / Foreign Policy

US Trails China in Key Tech Areas, New Report Warns, Defense One
Which NATO Do We Need?, Foreign Policy
Austrian pro-Kremlin officials planned to launch shadow spy agency, report claims,
Prepare for Putin’s exit? Not yet., Morning Defense
No good outcomes in latest Armenia-Azerbaijan fighting, Morning Defense
Atreides or Harkonnen? A Literary Corollary for Self-Awareness and Host Nation Perception in Small Wars, Small Wars Journal
Police shoot man shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ after he stabs two people in Germany, War is Boring

First Responder / Law Enforcement / Wildland Fire/ Homeland Security

‘Professional presence’: Regaining trust and confidence in the fire service, FireRescue 1
OSHA releases updated report on Ill. firefighter’s line-of-duty death, FireRescue1
Lawsuit: No pay for commuting Wash. state troopers is unlawful, Police 1
Hikers who escaped from Bolt Creek Fire documented, and now explain the ordeal, Wildfire Today

Mountain / Outside

‘Private Air’ Worth $7.75 Million? WY Corner Crossing Lawsuit Continues, GearJunkie
This Speed Solo Climb on the Piz Badile Will Make Your Palms Sweat, GearJunkie
The Yin & Yang of Backcountry Skiing and Wildfires, BC Ski Touring Blog
Crunching Backcountry Ski Data with SoothSki, BC Ski Touring Blog
Two Unprepared Hikers in New Hampshire Needed Rescue. Officials Charged Them with a Crime., Outside
Two Russian Climbers Died from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Inside a Tent, Outside
Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad – 9/8/22, AAI
Can I Be Opposed to Yankee Imperialism and Still Surf in Mexico?, Outside
As E-bikes, Scooters, and Onewheels Become More Popular, Cyclists Are Getting Squeezed Out, Outside
Watch GMHM first ascent of BASE on Petit Dru West Face, Planet Mountain
Jonas Hainz completes free solo ascent of Moulin Rouge on Dolomites Rotwand, Planet Mountain
Pete Devries Was Built for Island X, Arcteryx
This tool shows how horrific climate change will be in 2050, The Manual
Freediving, Spearfishing and Disconnecting in a Remote corner of the Caribbean, Outdoor journal
The Dyatlov Pass Incident Is A Macabre Mountaineering Mystery, Unofficial networks
La Niña Is Coming, Let’s Hope It Delivers Like 2010 (Snowfall Totals), Unofficial Networks
Mt. Bachelor To Offer Cheaper Lift Tickets For Signing Liability Waiver, Unofficial Networks
WATCH: Jimmy Chin’s Journey From Homeless Climber To Oscar Winning Filmmaker, unofficial Networks

Health / Fitness / Nutrition

These 5 food staples are disappearing from stores (and may not return soon), The Manual
The Limits of the Fingerboard for Finger Strength Training by Dr. Tyler Nelson, Training Beta
Greatest Ab Exercise?!, Agates
Bodybuilder Jamie Christian Details His 7,000-Calorie Carb-Up Before Contest, Breaking Muscle
How to Do Dips for Chest Size and Strength, Breaking Muscle
Front-loading calories early in the day reduces hunger but does not affect weight loss, Science Daily
We believe in an anti-vanilla endurance world, Endurance Nation
Researchers identify a drug that mimics the effects of exercise on muscle and bone in mice, Science Daily
Nicole Kidman’s biceps, Davina McCall’s six-pack: could you get ripped in your 50s?, Guardian
Are You One of the 20% of Guys Who Should Never Deadlift?, Men’s Health
Is Cheese the Ultimate Post-workout Snack? Science Says Yes, Men’s Journal
Lung Inflammation Smoking Cannabis vs. Cocaine vs. Tobacco,
What Is Brain Fog and How Can I Treat It?, NY Times
Pace as important as 10,000 steps for health, Science Daily
How to Use Tempo Squats – Steve Ross, Starting Strength
The Truth About Pull-Ups, T-Nation
Skater Squat: The Ultimate Unilateral Exercise?, T-Nation
Redshirt the Boys, The Atlantic
Most Americans Over 50 Suffer Some Type of Joint Pain (Poll), WebMD
A GMO Purple Tomato Is Coming to Stores. Will the US Bite?, Wired


Why You Should Buy an E-bike Instead of an Electric Vehicle, Best Outdoor Gear
Disgruntled Vail Resorts Employee Holds 90% Flash Sale On Last Day (Allegedly), Unofficial Networks
Five Dead And Six Rescued After Possible Whale Collision Capsizes Boat, Unofficial Networks
Scientists find out the best way to soothe a crying baby, The Guardian
Scott Frost Was Hired To Fix Nebraska Football. Instead, He Helped It Reach New Lows., FivethirtyEight
South Korea Hits Google, Meta With Record-Setting Fines Over Privacy Violations, Gizmodo
The 2023 Toyota GR Corolla Nails Everything We Love About a Hot Hatchback, Jalopnik
Making Batteries for All These EVs Will Require Over 300 New Mines, Jalopnik
The Space X Starbase Is Shaping the Community Around it, Jalopnik

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