The 450+ Training Plans Included with an Athlete’s Subscription


Professional Mountain Guides Andy and Garrick train sport-specific grip strength during a session from MTI’s Ice Climbing Pre-Season Training Plan

By Rob Shaul

In addition to the training plans below, with an Athlete’s Subscription you get access to daily programming military (Operator Sessions) and law enforcement athletes (Officer Sessions) as well as educational online courses for the experienced athlete or coach who desires to learn more about strength and conditioning program design.





Below is an extract of the training plans which come with an Athlete’s Subscription.

Mountain Plans:

  • 100 Mile Ultra Training Plan
  • 30 Minutes/Day Dryland Ski Training Plan
  • 50-Mile Ultra Training Plan
  • Alpine Rock Climb
  • Alpine Running Training Plan
  • Alpinist Fitness Assessment Training Plan
  • AMGA Alpine Guide Course Training Plan
  • AMGA Rock Guide Course Training Plan
  • AMGA Ski Guide Course Training Plan
  • Backcountry Big Game Hunting
  • Backcountry Ski V2
  • Backpack Pre-Season
  • Big Mountain V2
  • Big Wall Climbing
  • Core Strength for Runners
  • Denali Training Plan
  • Dryland Ski Training Plan V4
  • Expedition Ice/Mixed
  • Fall Dryland Ski
  • Free Ski Training
  • Ice Climb Pre-Season
  • In Season Ski Maintenance
  • Monster Factory
  • Mountain Base Alpha
  • Mountain Base Artemis
  • Mountain Base Atalanta
  • Mountain Base Bravo
  • Mountain Base Charlie
  • Mountain Base Climbing Alternative
  • Mountain Base Danae
  • Mountain Base Helen
  • Mountain Bike Preseason Training Plan
  • Mountain Guide Pre-Season
  • Off-Season Training for Endurance Athletes
  • Peak Bagger
  • Rainier Training Plan
  • Randonee Race
  • Rock Climb Pre-Season
  • Surf Preseason
  • Ultra Pre-Season
  • Warbonnet

Military Plans:

  • Afghanistan Pre-Deployment
  • Air Assault
  • Airborne School
  • APFT Plan
  • Army OCS
  • Battlefield Airman Assessment Training Plan – TACP
  • Beep Test Training
  • Best Ranger Competition
  • British Officer Selection Board
  • BUD/s V2 Training Plan
  • Busy Operator I
  • Busy Operator II
  • CDQC
  • Core Strength I
  • DEVGRU Selection
  • Fortitude V2
  • Gratitude
  • Humility V2
  • KSK Selection
  • Marine Corp OCS
  • Military Athlete Endurance
  • Military On-Ramp
  • Operator Achilles
  • Operator Actaeon
  • Operator Apollo
  • Operator Hector
  • Operator Pentathlon
  • Operator Perseus
  • Operator Ugly Train-Up
  • Operator Ulysses
  • Pirate Series Barbossa
  • Pirate Series Blackbeard
  • Pirate Captain Morgan
  • Pirate Madame Cheng
  • Potential Royal Marine Course
  • Q Course Training Plan
  • Ranger School
  • RASP
  • Resilience
  • Ruck Based Selection Plan V5
  • Rucking Improvement
  • Sandhurst Competition Training Plan
  • Sapper Training Plan
  • SASR Selection
  • Service Academy CFA
  • SFOD-D
  • SFRE Training Plan
  • Shipboard
  • Upper Body Round Robin
  • Urban Conflict Pre-Deployment Training Plan
  • US Navy PST
  • USAF CCT/PJ/CRO Selections
  • USCG Rescue Swimmer Plan
  • USMC Basic Recon
  • USMC Recon Challenge Program
  • USMC TBS/IOC Training Packet
  • Valor Training Program

General Strength and Conditioning Plans:

  • “Curly” – Dumbbell Kettlebell Plan
  • “Larry” – Dumbbell Kettlebell Plan
  • “Moe” – Dumbbell Kettlebell Plan
  • 357 Strength
  • Big 24 V4
  • Bodyweight Build
  • Bodyweight Foundation
  • Chassis Integrity Training Plan
  • Core Strength Bodyweight Only
  • Eccentric Strength Training Plan
  • Fat Loss Plan
  • Hypertrophy For Skinny Guys
  • In-Season Strength Training For Endurance Athletes
  • Meathead Marathon
  • MTI Relative Strength Assessment Training Plan
  • Rat 6
  • Run Improvement
  • Sandbag Ethos
  • Sandbag/Weightvest/Dumbbell Training Plan
  • SF45 Alpha
  • SF45 Bravo
  • SF45 Charlie
  • SF45 Delta
  • Single Limb Strength
  • Stuck in a Motel
  • Super Squat Strength
  • Swimming Improvement
  • TLU Strength
  • Ultimate Meathead Cycle
  • Ultimate Work Capacity I

LE Plans:

  • Cooper Test
  • DEA FAST Selection Training Plan
  • Law Enforcement Academy Plan
  • LE Fitness Assessment
  • LE OnRamp Training Plan
  • LE Patrol/Detective Bourbon
  • LE Patrol/Detective Tequila
  • LE Patrol/Detective Vodka
  • LE Patrol/Detective Whiskey
  • SWAT Selection
  • SWAT/SRT Beretta
  • SWAT/SRT Glock
  • SWAT/SRT Ruger
  • U.S. Marshalls SOG Selection Training Plan

FR Plans:

  • CPAT Training Plan
  • Fire Academy Training Plan
  • Fire Rescue Assessment Training Plan
  • Fire Rescue OnRamp
  • Fire Rescue Tactical I
  • Fire/Rescue Jaguar
  • Fire/Rescue Leopard
  • Fire/Rescue Lion
  • Fire/Rescue Panther
  • Fire/Rescue Tiger
  • HotShot/ Smoke Jumper Pre-Season
  • Smokejumper Rookie
  • Wildland Firefighter


  • GORUCK Challenge
  • GORUCK Heavy
  • GORUCK Selection

Injury Plans:

  • Arm Injury Training Program
  • Leg Injury Training Program
  • Low Back Training Plan V2
  • Post Rehab Leg Injury Training Plan

Legacy Plans:

  • 3-30 Work Capacity Training Plan
  • 369 Work Capacity
  • Atlas
  • Bataan Death March
  • Bodyweight I Training Plan
  • Bodyweight II Training Plan
  • BUD/S V1 Training Plan
  • Courage
  • Dryland Ski Program V3
  • Falcon Training Plan
  • Gym Based Stamina
  • In Season Girls VB/BB
  • Kayak/Paddling Pre-Season
  • Kettlebell Strength
  • Mountain Athlete For Crossfitters
  • Patrol Officer Training
  • Pingora
  • Range Fitness Mid-Range Carbine
  • SF45
  • Spartan Sprint Race
  • Squad PT
  • SSD for Crossfitters
  • Stamina Training Cycle
  • Strength And Honor
  • Tough Mudder

With an Athlete’s Subscription comes access to daily programming  Military and Law Enforcement. What are those?
This training represents the most recent evolution of MTI’s programming design and is deployed and tested with our Lab Rats here in Wyoming. They often include Coaches’ Notes and Comments as well as Videos.

The Operator Sessions (military) are designed as day-to-day programming for Military SOF and those who aspire to that level of fitness.

The Officer Sessions (Law Enforcement) are designed as day-to-day programming for LE Patrol and Detectives.

The program we develop and test via the daily sessions often gets published as stand-alone training plans. For example, the Greek Hero Series of military plans was first deployed as daily sessions via the Operator Sessions. Same for the Spirits Series of Law Enforcement programming for patrol/detective.

How Often do you update Your Plans?
Our plan update schedule is driven not by a time period, but by programming evolution and improvement. For example, we’ve re-thought and simplified our running endurance programming and just last month updated our Running Improvement Training Plan. In the past four months we’ve also updated the APFT Training Plan, USMC PFT Training Plan, DEA PTT, Resilience, Valor, Fortitude, and several others.

MTI is driven by constant improvement and this is reflected in our plan updates.

How Often do you Design/Publish New Plans?
Constantly. We are driven by “holes” we see in mountain and tactical programming as well as athlete requests.

A few of the new Training Plans currently in the queue include:

Upcoming Tactical Plans

  • 6-Plan series of day-to-day training for “Blue” tactical athletes – these are athletes with SCUBA or water rescue mission sets including US Navy SEALS, USAF PJ/CCT, Green Beret Dive Teams, Border Patrol BORSTAR, USCG and US Navy Rescue Swimmers, USMC MARSOC, etc.
  • SOCOM Fitness Assessment currently conducted by Exox coaches
  • 724th STS Selection
  • Aussie Special Forces Screen Test
  • Canadian Army FORCE Fitness Test Training Plan
  • Tactical Speed and Agility Training plan
  • Border Patrol PFT & Academy
  • USSS Physical Fitness Evaluation
  • North Carolina OPAT
  • Smoke Diver Training Plan
  • Wildland Firefighter Assessment and Training Plan

Upcoming Mountain Plans

  • Grand Traverse Training Plan (Grand Traverse in the Teton Range)
  • Backcountry Mountain Snowmobiling Pre-Season Training Plan
  • Adventure Race Training Plan (Run/Hike, Bike, Paddle)
  • Rim to Rim (Grand Canyon) Training Plan

Upcoming General Fitness Training Plans

  • SF45 Bravo and Charlie
  • Sandbag Logos and Pathos
  • Gym-Based Endurance Training Plan
  • Pull Up Improvement Training Plan
  • Push Up Improvement Training Plan
  • Ultimate Work Capacity II and III
  • Pregnant Woman Training Plan

We’re busy, and our time here is split in many directions, but in general we’ve been able to build 2-3 new plans/month even with a full time staff of 2 coaches. This is in addition to programming the daily sessions and updating existing plans.

What are the “Legacy” Plans?
We’ve been designing sport-specific training plans for over a decade and these plans have older programming but are proven, athlete favorites available only to subscribers.

An Individual Athlete’s Subscription costs $29/month – but I want a subscription for everyone on my team. Do you offer bulk subscription discounts?
Yes. Click HERE for multi-user pricing.



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