Plan Focus: Stuck in a Motel Training Plan

By Rob Shaul
You’re dealing with typical business travel drudgeries, you’re doing classroom work, attending meetings, manning a booth at a trade show… but you still have the urge to train and stay active?

MTI’s Stuck In A Motel Training Plan trains strength, work capacity, endurance and durability if you’re stuck in a motel for an extended duration. The plan is built around the equipment found in a typical business motel fitness room – a full set of dumbbells, flat bench and treadmill.

This plan assumes you’ll want to get up early, and train before the business day starts. Plus, when you return at the end of the day, you’ll need to get active again to shake out the cobwebs and recharge. 

The plan is made up of 2-a-Days, Monday through Friday.

  • Early AM Sessions are strength or work capacity/core focused, in the motel fitness room. These are short, focused sessions designed to last 45-60 minutes long.
  • Afternoon PM sessions aim to get you outside for a short run, or some “Swim PT” in the motel pool. For inclement weather, you can either run on a treadmill or do step ups in the fitness room.

The program also includes a long run on Saturdays, if you’re stuck in the motel over the weekend.


How long should the training sessions take?
AM training sessions in the motel fitness room will take 45-60 minutes. PM sessions outside last 20-45 minutes. Long weekend runs extend to 90 minutes.

I always book motels with swimming pools. Does the plan include swimming?
Kinda – we call it “Swim PT” which combines swimming and bodyweight calisthenics. A pool isn’t required, but if you have one, Swim PT sessions are awesome. You don’t need an Olympic-sized swimming pool to do Swim PT.

Can I see sample training?
Click HERE and click “Sample Training” to see the entire first week of programming.

What if I have more questions?

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