I have used your Patrol Officer program and gotten good results. I have SRT tryouts coming up which is push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups(1 min.)  300 meter run, and finally 1 1/2 mile run. Do you have any programs that hit all of the events?

I know the FBI PFT test comes close, but doesn’t have the pull-up work?

Thank you,

– C


FBI PFT is closest: http://www.leathlete.com/page.php?page_ID=12&cart_category_ID=65&&cart_ID=116

You could simply add the pull ups and follow the same push up/pull up progression.

– Rob



Hi sir,

Do you have a plan for the DEA PT Test?


– T


Haven’t designed it yet …. in its place I’d recommend our APFT Training Plan: http://militaryathlete.com/page.php?page_ID=12&cart_category_ID=51&cart_ID=30

It covers push ups, situps and the 2-mile run.

I’d recommend when you take the initial test in the plan, also test for pull ups, then use the same progression for the pull ups as you see for the push ups and situps.

What’s missing then is the 120 shuttle run. Real Quick, I’d train for the shuttle on Tuesday’s and Thursdays before your 2-mile run intervals.

Here’s how I’d train them:

Week 1       8 Rounds, 120m Sprint, every 2 minutes

Week 2       8 Rounds, 120m Sprint, every 1:45

Week 3       8 Rounds, 120m Sprint, every 1:30

Week 4       8 Rounds, 120m Sprint, every 1:15

Week 5       8 Rounds, 120m Sprint, every 1:15

Week 6       8 Rounds, 120m Sprint, every 1 minute

– Rob



Hi Rob. I have purchased both the Special Agent prep package and the HRT selection package from you and you put out great work. I am going to selection in the fall and I would like to know your opinion as to if I should work through your selection prep program twice with a break in the middle for swimming, mobility, etc or if you recommend only doing the program once prior to going to selection. I have the time so I want to make sure I am on the right track.

– R


These selection programs are pretty terrible. I’d just do once before selection. You need to train strength before starting the plan ….- makes you durable.

– Rob


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