Hi. I really like your sandbags I see in the various videos. Any idea where I can purchase them?
– H



Those are my design and I have them built for us. You can buy them through the website store here:


– Rob






Hi Rob, 


I am a subscriber to your Operator Sessions and in the past I have purchased your GORUCK Challenge Training program.  I have a few questions.  


1) When you list the weight to be used for a barbell exercise (eg – @ 65#.), does the 65# include the weight of the barbell? 


2) I am a little confused about the 1RM workout.  I am just getting back to working out after  2 month break. I am still in pretty good shape.  I looked at your sample for the 1RM workout. I'm 190lbs and for BW, the strength standard for my bench press is 285.  Is that the amount of weight I should be using on my 1RM?  Or is that just the ultimate goal and my 1RM is whatever weight I Cap out at for a particular exercise?  


3) Lastly, I usually workout on my own.  This makes lifting max weight difficult b/c I rarely have a spot.  Do you have any suggestions on how to offset this problem? 


Thank you for your help.  




– J



1) Yes

2) Strength standard is the goal. If your 1RM is under that – you need more strength. If you're 1RM is significantly over it – you are likely spending too much time strength training at the expense of your work capacity/endurance. 

3) Never put collars on the barbell when doing a 1RM Bench – that way you can dump the plates if you get stuck. You should be good on the front squat, hinge and oly lifts. Back squat and Box Squat, though – you can't escape. So be super cautious and don't risk it.


– R





Would you recommend any of your programs for a "recreational" baseball player? I'm an active duty officer, but play in a baseball league that has quite a few high performance players in it. I've been through the work capacity, ruck based selection, operator ugly train up, body weight, mountain bike, ultra runner and big 24 programming. Would the work capacity program be my best shot? At this point in the year, I am concerned with rotational power (hitting) and shoulder durability. Thanks for the support.



– M



From our stuff, a couple places I would point you from the Military Athlete store.


1) Busy Operator:

Awesome, focused plan on strength and work cap. 45-minute sessions


2) 357 Strength:

Longer sessions, with more strength and super short, but intense work cap efforts. Often strength and work cap trained in the same session. 


3) And from the Mountain Athlete site, the Kayak/Paddling Training Plan:

This plan is huge on upper body pressing and pulling strength and strength endurance, and rotational core strength/endurance. 


Finally, we've started messing around with the Crossover Symmetry system for shoulder health. I understand it was originally developed for baseball players:


– Rob






My name is Josh Singer and I am a sophomore student at Dickinson College. I am putting together a Navy OCS package with the desire to go to BUD/S as an Officer. I just bought the 6 week training plan from Military Athlete online to improve PST scores but I had a question for you.


I see that the program is 5 days a week with the weekend off and only 2 swims and 3 runs per week. Since I am coming from a much heavier programming load even from the Official SEAL PTG, I was wondering if the 2-3x a week for the endurance is sufficient to decrease run/swim times and up the milage or if you recommend athletes add more sessions during the week or weekend.


I look forward to completing the program and hearing from you soon.





– J



Couple things to consider. 


First, you increase fitness and performance by resting/recovery after training, not by training itself. So …. depending upon your fitness level, this can be an issue. 


This depends upon your fitness coming in …. and not your crossfit fitness, but your fitness for the specific events in the PST. So keep your eye on the ball – the plan you purchased isn't a general fitness plan, it's laser focused on the events of the PST. 


My recommendation is to follow the plan as prescribed through the second assessment – and see how you do. If you are going to add anything, watch the volume. In other words, I'd rather have you lift few reps, and heavy weight, then do a bunch of high volume crossfit wods. 


– Rob





I am 20 and and lokking into becoming a combat controller. I am 5'8'' and weight 135. I was told by a pj to gain weight and strength (obviously need to) but I have a hard time gaining weight because I work a physical job and tgen run or swim, then a workout after that. Im burning alot of calories a day. What should my goal weight be?  What programs would suit me best for my mission? 




At 5'8", I'd like to see you at 170-175 pounds. 


You're too light, and likely weak, now. 


To start, I'd recommend you quit your running and swimming, and instead complete our Hypertrophy Program for Skinny Guys:


And you need to eat, eat, eat!! Eat protein and veggies, and drink lots of milk. Avoid all bread/grain/potatoes, and sugar. 


After the hypertrophy plan, roll into the Sandbag/Weightvest/Dumbbell Training Plan:


Email back if you survive these two plans! 


– Rob






I just completed your work capacity program, which I really enjoyed. I experienced some weird strength gains and I'm currently sitting at these numbers


Back Squat: 510

Front Squat: 395

Deadlift: 600

Hang Squat Clean: 340

Bench: 380


I usually run between a 19:40-20:00min 3 mile.

I'm 71in and 215lbs. 


I'm happy with those numbers, and I'll be starting your USMC PFT program for the next four weeks for our upcoming test. 


Would you recommend going back to the operator sessions or something more specific to stamina/endurance after the PFT? It's nice being strong, but I start to feel the bulk in my legs and don't feel as agile as I'd like.


I'm scheduled to head to MARSOC A&S at the end of August, which is the end state physical goal. (Already have your prep program)


So to clarify, which programming would you recommend between the PFT and starting your prep program in July?


 Thanks for what you do, it's definitely the best programming out there for us.


– C



Goddamn you're a beast!! You've got me on the bench by 130#! 


This is awesome ….. After the USMC PFT Plan and before starting the MARSOC Plan, I'd recommend you definitely get in some solid strength training. The strength will simply make you more durable for the MARSOC Plan, and A&S. My MARSOC prep plan is no joke, and includes bunches of endurance work. 


I'm thinking you have about 6 weeks, and I'd recommend 357 Strength:


This plan has solid strength, but also short, intense work cap efforts – It's going to make you even more of a monster! 


If you wanted, you could lift in the AM and perhaps run some distance in the pm – using your own programming or our Run Improvement Plan:


– Rob

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