Hi Rob,

Joined the site a couple of days ago and all good so far. I see that there is some running incorporated into the Base Fitness but not that much. How would you suggest structuring more running into a typical week? My goal for the next 6-12 months is a half-marathon in June, a marathon in October and then building toward a trail ultra at the end of the year. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




Base includes endurance cycles, which focus on endurance, D., but endurance is not the soul focus.

To add in running, you can substitute endurance for one of the work capacity efforts each week, and be sure to do the long endurance runs on the weekends.

Your Marathon and Ultra – the ultra, especially, you need to train sport specifically for. We just published an ultra pre-season training plan, which would also serve well as a marathon training plan. I’d recommend canceling your base fitness subscription mid-july, purchasing the Ultra plan, and using it to prepare for your October Marathon. Use the marathon as a stepping stone to prepare for the following ultra.

We’re building 50K, 50 mile and 100 mile ultra plans and should have them done by June 1.

– Rob


What are your thoughts on dropping to 3 days a week instead of 5 using the off season program for endurance athletes? I need the strength an durability but don’t wont to give up running entirely during the cycle. Also in your nutrition info you say no dairy. What about milk in a recovery shake?

Thanks in advance for your time,



Hi G.-

The Off-season plan is most effective if you don’t run. There are a couple reasons for this:

1) Distance running negatively impacts strength gains. So you won’t get as strong from the program if you run also.

2) You miss the chance to give your body a break. Overuse injuries are the major source of injury amongst running/endurance athletes – you’re body, especially your joints, need a break, and by continuing to run, you don’t give your body this break and chance to recover. Also – you miss the chance to take a mental break.

Please understand the aim of the off season strength plan isn’t improved running performance. The goal is to improve your durability – first by increasing your strength without significant weight gain, second by fixing strength imbalances which develop over a long endurance season, and finally by giving your joints/muscles/mind a break from all that volume.

All that being said – and if you’re addicted and have to run, I’d rather you run sprints or shuttle – 400m and shorter sprints, 300m shuttle (as an example), rather than distance. Sprints train strength too.

– Rob


I am interested in coming to Jackson to complete your programming course. I am curious when the courses are held and how long they are, the cost, and any other details that would be worth knowing about the program.




I just had a course in March, C., and don’t have another scheduled at this time.

Cost is $500, when I do get one scheduled. The course is two days long.

You’ll see it on the front of the site, with details and a schedule when I get one up.

– Rob

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