I hope this finds you well. I was wondering if you could help me and what the cost might be to come up with a comprehensive plan to peak for a Denali climb in June of this year. (west rib with AMS) I’ve purchased and been using your big mountain plan and just started a subscription to the daily workouts at your gym online. I told the other members of the team about the site and they expressed interest as well so hopefully they have signed up as well.

I had a pretty decent strength foundation prior then I’ve been working through the 10 week big mountain plan (on week 5). My concern is that I might be phasing into the more higher rep, muscle endurance phase of the plan too early and should extend or try to build more strength prior to tapering down.

I’ve got basically 4 months to go until the climb or 16 weeks.

Any help or suggestion on how to tie the next 4 months together would be great. I love the 10 week big mountain plan but figure with 5 weeks left in the plan I’m going to peak too early. I’m coming out to jackson at the beginning of march to go climbing with Dan Corn and could stop in at that time as well if that would help.

Thanks for all the help,



Yes – you’ll peak too early. The big mountain plan is designed to be completed directly before your climb.

Stop the Big Mountain plan and continue with the Base Fitness sessions on the website. Then 10-weeks out from your departure date for AK, start up the Big Mountain plan again (yes, from the beginning, sorry).

– Rob

Hi there,
I just saw your new program for ultra running and am really interested. This past year I’ve added some general strength to my running training, with great benefits. I live in a tiny place with a somewhat limited gym and was wondering if the exercises use any special equipment (we don’t have sleds or sandbags)? I also wondered about the weekly mileage? You mention running 5x week. Ove the past couple of years I’ve increased my volume so I’m running about 10 hours a week and wondered if that will still be ok? My big races this year are the Wasatch Speedgoat 50k in July and the Bear 100 in September. I think your training program would be really helpful. Will you have another one for after the base period?

Thanks for your help. I love all your videos on You Tube and wish we had a training facility like yours here.



The plan is designed to be completed in any commercial gym – no special equipment is required. Also – the first 4 weeks of strength work is core and bodyweight-focused.

Below is the weekly running volume: – Rob

Gym – Strength/Core; Run Volume – 30 miles
Gym: Strength/Core; Run Volumw – 33 miles
WEEK 3 (SESSIONS 11-15):
Gym: Strength/Core; Run Volume – 36 miles
WEEK 4 (SESSIONS 16-20):
Gym – Strength/Core; Running Volume Unload – 24 miles
WEEK 5 (SESSIONS 21-25):
Gym – Strength/Core; Run Volume -38 miles
WEEK 6 (SESSIONS 26-30):
Gym – Strength/Core; Run Volume – 41 miles
WEEK 7 (SESSIONS 31-35):
Gym – Strength/Core; Run Volume – 41 miles
WEEK 8 (SESSIONS 36-40):
Gym- Strength/Core; Running Volume Unload – 29 miles


Just finished testing after completing the 2 Session in a row of the Big 24. As you know from my previous email to you I got good results after the first session, and against your advise to rest or change programs, I started a second Big 24 session and within the first week was suffering from sore joins most specifically shoulders.

In review, I have been following your Base programs for a little over 2 years now.

I also did your Big Mountain program prior to climbing Rainier last year in preparation for Denali and Ama Dablam but those trips never happened as I developed a bad pain in my second two that was nerve related that had me barely walking for over a year.

So this year at 51 y/o, recovery now seems to be a developing challenging part as does small nagging injuries that just keep popping up with no rime or reason but stay around forever. Last year is was toe issue that had me barely walking for months, then a neck issue, and now my knees are keeping me from running or even rump roping, any up and down impact, even through I have never had any knee pain or any knee injuries.

My desire this year was to raise my overall strength by at least 25 pounds in all lifts, specifically bench and pull ups, and then hip and leg strength for the Himalayas in fall of 2013 & 2014.

I did the first Big 24 Session #1 RX but did add an additional recovery day during weeks two and three between WO #3 & 4.

Then during Session #2, after week #1, due to shoulder join pain I was forced to take a 4 day recovery period and then resumed the lifts taking 2 days off between workout 3 & 4 to try to enhance further recovery.

As I did in Session #1, upon completion of Big 24 Session #2 I took 4 days off to recover and then did both WO as a test to measure results.

Here are the results from Big 24 Session #1 and Big 24 Session #2 with the combined overall improvement form the 6 weeks of Big 24.

BIG 24 Session Results Comparison

Lift Diff. Totals #1 #2 Total

The Exercise: +25 +5 (+30)
Power Clean & Push Press: +15 +20 (+35)
Squat Clean: +15 +20 (+35)

Bench; +15 +5 (+20)
Military Press +10 +15 (+25)
5 X 3 Pulls & Dips +15 +0 (+15)
50M DB Farmers Walk +5 +5 (+10)

What do you think I should do next?



Awesome A.-

Next – your strength is up but I’m guessing your work cap/stamina is down. Plus, I’d like you to leave the barbell alone and heavy loading to give your joints a break.

I’d recommend a bodyweight-running option with maybe a little barbell work – after a week of total rest.

Options – you can purchase the APFT plan or USMC PFT plan from the web store and follow those, or jump in on the Operator Sessions at Military Athlete – the lab rats will be starting a 3-week run/bodyweight cals cycle next week – with a little lifting.

I’d recommend our Work Cap plan or Stamina Plan – but these have a lot of volume, and I want you joints to get a break.

– Rob

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