Hey Rob,

Recently I completed my second Go Ruck Challenge and it exposed some weaknesses that I feel I should address. This class was heavy on Lunges, Squats, and Log Carrying all with a ruck on. My legs where blown out afterwards. My calves, and quads got smoked super fast and I feel many in the class where stronger in this area. Thanks to my weight training my back, hips, and glutes hardly felt a thing this time around.

Because of this I feel my current lifting program isn’t emphasizing enough durability and work capacity on the lower body. I feel I should start running again to increase my endurance.

My fitness history. Body weight PT and light running for a year , then I moved on to 5 Months of Starting Strength 5X5, and for the last 5 Months I’ve been on Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 program with extra body weight exercises thrown in. I do BJJ twice a week and a 30 min "conditioning" kettle bell workout once a week. Running is rare.

I was looking at crossfit , but I prefer the your bias towards strength.

My goals are to have well rounded fitness in order to work up to your operator sessions and then eventually complete a Ranger Prep/ Ruck based selection program before my next event within a year.

Current Stats.
5′ 9" 165lbs

OHP Max: 1x 125lbs
Deadlift Max : 1x 370lbs
Bench Max 1x 180lbs
Squat Max: 2x 230lbs

I would like to hit a 415 deadlift and 300 squat by the end of summer. I am looking at either your
Hypertrophy Program for Skinny Guys
I feel that my current training program is offering consistent results, what do these offer over SS/SL 5X5 of 5/3/1

Currently I do not have any knowledge on Olympic lifts,but want to learn. I have access to a traditional gym that has pretty much everything a "regular" workout would need, but lacks a Olympic lift area, bumper plates, and other things you would find in a crossfit gym that allows that type of activity.

– K.

We’ve built a sport-specific GORUCK plan Kyle – which several have used successfully for the GRC:

I’d recommend the 357 Strength Plan in terms of strength – but it your note you say you’re back/hips/glutes were strong. What I’m thinking you may have been missing isn’t so much strength, but overall work capacity, and lower body strength endurance.

The vast majority of my programs are leg-centric. "The Legs Feed the Wolf."

Best option to hammer the legs would be the peak bagger program:

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