Winter is Coming… An Overview of MTI’s Ski and Snowboard Training Plans

MTI’s roots lay in the powder mecca of Jackson Hole, WY. Our location has led to 10+ years of program design and implementation of fall ski and snowboard prep training across multiple disciplines. Tested on well over 100 lab rats pulled from the local ski community (including professional and olympic level athletes), we know that these plans effectively and efficiently prepare skiers to get after it following the first snowfall.

Skiing and snowboarding have dynamic and repetitive physical demands. Our goal is to improve the specific fitness of these disciplines to improve performance, reduce the early season fitness learning curve to maximize your runs, and improve durability for the inevitable yard sale crash. We do this via four primary program goals:

  • Build the eccentric strength and strength endurance in your legs to prepare you for the eccentric loading that occurs during skiing.
  • Build the lactate tolerance and recovery in your legs so you can ski harder longer, and recover quicker during stops or between runs.
  • Build your core/midsection strength and overall strength to add stability during skiing and increase overall durability.
  • Build your lower body connective tissue, landing mechanics, hamstring strength, and overall stability to help protect your knees from injury during the ski season.
  • For Backcountry skiers, we add uphill endurance and stamina work to build the sport-specific aerobic base needed for skinning up.

If you look at our ski and snowboard plans, you’ll notice that the required fitness equipment list is short. Generally, all you need is a box, a pair of dumbbells, and a sandbag. Fall is sport-specific for winter athletes… getting under a barbell at this point won’t realize any benefits for the athlete. With the short equipment list, we’re able to attack the specific fitness attributes to improve athlete performance.

Below you’ll find our ski and snowboard training plans. These plans are intended to be completed directly prior to the start of your ski season or ski trip. The plans have built in de-load weeks, so you arrive fresh and ready.


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Event-Specific Training Plans

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