The ‘Ultimate’ Answer To Our Most Popular Question: What Type Of Training Do You Recommend?

By Mintra Mattison

‘What type of training do you recommend?’, has got to be the most frequent question we get asked.

To answer a question with a question: How much is fitness a part of your professional and/or personal life?

What we’ve witnessed over the years is that our mission-direct programming inspires many athletes who began with an individual plan to make fitness a bigger part of their life and eventually purchase an Athlete’s Subscription and use MTI’s programming as a partner moving forward.

So here are a couple of answers for you.


If you are a working mountain or tactical professional.

You are “professional” about your fitness and understand and embrace the principle that work-specific fitness is a critical responsibility for you. Then our stuff is for you and will be a partner through your career for day-to-day fitness, PFT’s, missions, schools, deployments, long motel stays and mountain objectives, injury recovery and recreation.


If your Sport Changes with the Season.

You are a serious recreational mountain athlete who’s sport changes with the season, then an Athlete’s Subscription is for you. The plans included will prepare you for each specific sport before the season, and maintain your “mountain base” between seasons.


If you are a committed Gym Rat.

Have you always been doing some type of training?
An Athlete’s Subscription will open your world to cutting-edge fitness specific programmings such as bodyweight, relative strength, endurance, concurrent programming and the exercise selection and progression intricacies of mission-specific programming and Mission-Direct research.


If you are a Strength and Conditioning Coach.

You are a Professional or aspiring one driven to do the best for your athletes? MTI’s programming is the Tip of the Spear for Mountain and Tactical Athletes, unique in its design, innovation, creative, mission-directness and results. Subscribe, devour and learn and deploy with your athletes.

With an Athlete’s Subscription to MTI, you get access to 200+ sport specific training plans for mountain and tactical athletes and professionals, including 27 general fitness plans, injury recovery plans, etc. New plans and plan updates are being completed weekly.


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