Wanted: Professional Lab Rats


By Rob Shaul


MTI has a rotating cadre of 20+  paid, remote lab rats who form the core of our ongoing fitness research.

As a paid MTI Lat Rat, you’ll need to participate in multiple, successive research studies. During this commitment, you will only be able to complete the study-prescribed programming. I.e. – you won’t be able to double up on the MTI study programming and your own programming.

In return, you’ll receive $150 per research study. We’re looking for a 4-study commitment. Most of our studies are 3.5 – 4 weeks long, but some stretch to 7 weeks, depending on the study.

We will still accept volunteer lab rats, ages 20-50 for our ongoing research, but the paid cadre will serve as the heart of our research effort.

Importantly, to qualify as a Paid MTI Lab Rat, you must:

  • Be a fit athlete, ages 22-40
  • Have completed multiple MTI Training Plans
  • Have completed at least one MTI Mini Study as a Volunteer Lab Rat
  • The application period is open and ongoing. If accepted, you’ll be placed in the Paid Lab Rat Pool, in line for a future Mini Study.



Please email rob@mtntactical.com, and put “Paid Lab Rat” in the subject line.

Please include:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Bodyweight
  • MTI Training Plans Completed?
  • MTI Volunteer Mini Study(s) Completed?
  • Verify you have ready access to a fully-outfitted functional fitness gym, including bumpers, racks, barbells, dumbbells/kettlebells, sandbags, plyo boxes, sleds, etc.


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