Updates: New Logo, End of General Fitness Programming

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We continue to complete the work towards renaming the company the “Mountain Tactical Institute.” Here are some changes you’ll see in the weeks and months ahead.

Email Change

Within the next week, emails coming from me and others on my staff will come from the @mountaintacticalinstitute.com address. Right now emails from me can come from @mountainathlete.com, @militaryathlete.com or @strongswiftdurable.com – too confusing!

New Logo

You’ll start to see our new logo – pictured here – on our plans, email correspondence and website.

End of General Fitness Programming

This will be the last week we’ll be publishing daily general fitness programming. For subscribers, these are the “SSD” sessions. Our local lab rats who have been doing the SSD sessions will begin doing our Mountain Base sessions, beginning with Mountain Base Delta. These sessions will be updated daily like the SSD sessions have been.

As well, I will no longer program SF45 sessions. Personally, I’ll become a lab rat for our LE Officer sessions – many law enforcement athletes are my age (47) or older, and having myself be a “rat” for these sessions makes sense.

This pivot away from general fitness programming reflects our intended focus on building “mission direct” programming and solutions for mountain and tactical athletes.

The Mountain Base sessions will also deploy our “fluid periodization” and include strength, work capacity, endurance and stamina cycles. Keeping with the mountain focus, they will also include climbing-focused sessions and cycles.

Not interested in climbing? No worries – with your subscription you have access to many of our training plans and during climbing cycles I’ll suggest a plan to substitute for those not interested.

Website Overhaul

We’re currently neck deep in the work of overhauling and re-designing our website. The new site will be completed in the first quarter of 2016. Until then we’ll be making gradual changes to the current site to reflect our name change.

Education News

We’re working with other gyms in locations around the country to bring our programming courses closer to interested athletes and coaches. We currently have courses scheduled in North Carolina, Jan 23-24, near Fort Bragg, and in Georgia, Feb 6-7, near Fort Benning. We have a Mountain programming course set for June 25-26 in Wyoming, and are working to do another in March or April in the Seattle area.

-Rob Shaul

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