Near Bragg and Want to be Coached? January Opportunity

We have a January Coaching Opportunity!

The weekend of January 23-24, we’re teaching an Advanced Programming Course at Southern Pines Crossfit near Fort Bragg.
We’d like to come a week early, and stay a week after working with tactical athletes in the Bragg area. We’ll coach you up for free, in exchange for feedback and perhaps a little lab ratting! 
Specifically, the weeks of January 18th and January 25th.
– Coach Adam Scott, our Director of Research, will do the coaching.
– 12x athletes minimum, to coach, 60 minutes, 4-5 days/week.
– We’ll need to do coach in your gym.
– We can coach several sessions per day, and can work with multiple units during this period.
– Military, LE and Fire/Rescue athletes welcome to express interest.
– You need command support and will need to secure gym access
– No charge!
Interested? Please email

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