Snapshot of Special Operations Selection Attrition Rates

The recently released document from the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) headquarters provides an insightful and detailed overview of the attrition rates within the elite units of SOCOM’s operational forces. This comprehensive data sheds light on the rigorous selection processes and the intensely competitive nature of the training programs across different branch components.

In the following sections, we delve into an average attrition comparison, offering a clearer perspective on unit-specific attrition rates and the unique demands of each selection program. This analysis informs and serves as a vital resource for understanding the high standards set within the special operations community.

Selection Average Attrition Rate

Army Ranger Regiment: RASP 1 & 2

Army Special Forces: SFAS & Q-Course


Assessment & Selection (A&S)

Individual Training Course (ITC)

Air Force Special Tactics Officer: A&S & Qualification Course

Assessment & Selection

Qualification Course

Air Force CCT Selection & Qualification Course

Air Force Special Operations Weather: Selection & Qualification Course

Source: USSOCOM Implementation Plan Progress, Directorate for Joint SOF Development, HQ USSOCOM

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