MTI’s 4-Week Meal Plan


Sweet Potato Hash and low fat cottage cheese …. Breakfast!

By Rob Shaul

After several request I’ve decided to share a sample 4-week meal plan largely based on MTI’s Nutritional Guidelines.

A couple caveats here …

First – I’m a dumb strength coach, which means I’m no foodie and I’m no cook. If you follow this meal plan lower your expectations significantly in terms of exotic flavors and a whole lot of variety!

Second – I’ve been hesitant to publish any meal plan because I don’t think eating clean is complicated. It’s just hard. However … I’ve been harassed by enough athletes about publishing a meal plan I’ve finally given in.

This plan was used last winter by the lab rats who completed our Intermittent Fasting Mini-Study. We had two groups of lab rats – both of which followed the same fitness program and this meal plan – but one group Intermittent Fasted. The study results found no difference in fat loss between the two groups – so I don’t endorse intermittent fasting. But it’s up to you – just expect to be really hungry around 10 am every morning!

Plan is below. Email any questions to  If you complete all 4 weeks – send in feedback and let me know how it went!















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