Rob Shaul’s Initial thoughts on a Strong Swift Durable Fitness Assessment

I was recently asked by a journalist for my opinion of some basic fitness standards for an “Adventure Athlete” – which I understand is a driven recreational athlete who has many interests and wants a base level of fitness for fun, performance and health. Sounds like the type of person who uses our Strong Swift Durable training sessions.

I’ve put a little thought into this, and this would be my start for an assessment. The events would be run back to back, with short breaks between. Overall, the assessment would be completed in 2 hours.

We’ll look to run this assessment in upcoming programming.

Event 1: Relative Strength Test

(a) 1RM Front Squat (b) 1RM Bench Press (c) 1RM Power Clean

Sum total and divide by bodyweight.

Standard: Men – 4.0+ Women – 3.75+

Event 2: Max Reps Strict Pull Ups

Standard: Men – 12+ Women – 6+

Event 3: 300m Shuttle Sprint for Time

Standard: Less than 60 Seconds

Event 4: 10 Minute Sandbag Getups for Reps @ 60/80#

Standard: 60+ Reps

Event 5: 8 Mile Run for Time

Standard: Less than 60 minutes (7:30 min/miles)

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