Quiet Professional: Service

By Rob Shaul

This type of service doesn’t seek attention.

Many serve for acknowledgment and ambition. These aren’t Quiet Professionals.

Quiet Professionals do the behind-the-scenes grunt work that keeps things running smoothly and the organization moving forward. 

Never do they say “it’s not my job” – if something needs done, from cleaning the toilet to changing organizational direction, a Quiet Professional steps in and gets it done without being asked or wanting recognition. 

The self-absorbed can’t serve. To serve we must be aware of others and the situation. Quiet Professionals are keenly aware and often address issues before others knew there was a problem. 

Few are born this way. Most grow into this type of service. 

We begin petty and selfish. Time and mistakes whittle away our self-absorption to reveal the clarity of service on the other side. 

This journey is frustrating: two steps forward, one step back. Slowly, painfully, we learn all that matters is the mission.

The more we learn, the better we serve.


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