MTI Sandbags


By Mintra Mattison

We get asked for Sandbag recommendations all the time and even though we are not too interested in comparing our Sandbags to other brands out there, we can’t help but state that ours simply work best for what we’re looking for in a Sandbag.

Rob started experimenting with Duffle Bags and different kinds of Sandbags back in 2010. But the ones he was testing were either durable but then to ‘”stiff” for the intended workouts or they would simply break. Understand that, back then we were already using our Sandbags daily.

So he ended up making his own. One that is built to fit the custom needs of MTI training and volume: durable, bulkier, and easier to handle.

On a personal note, I had 6 sandbags that I started using in 2013 when I was coaching professional hockey teams (in Germany). We used them a lot and most of my athletes hated them so they weren’t exactly tender when handling them. These Sandbags later ended up at a local CrossFit Gym, where they are still used to this day. I think it safe to say that they are pretty much indestructible.

Watch Rob talk about the MTI Sandbags during a Mountain Base Session in the following video.



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