Plan Focus: Urban Conflict Pre-Deployment Training Plan

US SOF in Syria, 2016

By Rob Shaul

Urban conflict has the following specific fitness demands:

  • Short Distance Sprinting/Cutting across danger zones under load
  • Level changes and upper body pushing/pulling – wall jump and dismount, climing through windows, low crawl, etc.
  • Intense 3-5 minute efforts such as a rolling firefight and casualty evacuation
  • Low Back and Chassis Integrity Strength and Strength endurance for muliple hours/days under load of a plate carrier
  • Leg Strength and Explosive Power
  • Mental and Physical endurance and stamina – Urban warfare is considered to be the most demanding form of combat

The Urban Conflict Pre-Deployment Training Plan is mission-specifically designed to train these specific attributes and prepare military and other athletes for deployment to urban conflict areas such as Syria, Iraq and the urban parts of Afghanistan and Africa.

The training plan is 6 weeks, 5 days/week long and deploys mission-specific work capacity assessments and follow-on progressions, and thus automatically scales to the incoming fitness of each athlete.

The plan also include upper body pressing/pulling work, lower body strength, TAC SEPA drills (Tactical Speed, Explosive Power and Agility) and our new gym-based endurance programming to train mental fitness and chassis integrity for multiple hours/days under the load of a plate carrier.

The 6th week of the plan is an unload/taper work, so this plan can be completed directly before deployment. This is a limited-equipment training plan, and can easily be used by both line and SOF units prior to deployment.


  • Monday: Work Capacity (loaded shuttle repeats from prone), Tactical Agility, Chassis Integrity
  • Tuesday: Strength, Multi-Mode Endurance & Stamina
  • Wednesday: Tactical Agility, Speed and Explosive Power, Work Capacity
  • Thursday: Strength, 1-mille Ruck Run Assessment or 400m Ruck Run repeats at 45#
  • Friday: Multi-mode Endurance/Stamina + Easy unloaded run.


What equipment is required?
This is a limited equipment training plan – designed to be complete at any SOF or line unit with resourceful leadership.

  • Ruck and 45# filler/load
  • 25# Weight Vest or IBA which can be loaded to 25#
  • Sandbag (40# women, 60# men). The plan is built so 1x sandbag is needed for every 2 athletes training.
  • 2x 20/24″ Plyo Boxes
  • Step Up Box or Bench (15-18″ high)
  • Pull Up Bar

Who is this plan appropriate for?
This is an intense training plan not appropriate severely de-conditioned athletes. It is appropriate relatively fit athletes with deployment orders to urban conflict areas

How long do the training sessions last?
Training sessions are designed to last 60-75 minutes.

Can I see a sample of the training?
Click the product link above and then click the “Sample Training” Tab to see the entire first week of programming.



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