Arete 5.11.2017

U.S. poised to expand military effort against Taliban in Afghanistan, Washington Post
Fixing Army Mobilization, War on the Rocks
Every Marine a rifleman no more?, Marine Corps Times
HUMINT: A Continuing Crisis?, Small Wars Journal
New rifle, bigger bullets: Inside the Army’s plan to ditch the M4 and 5.56, Army Times
MWI Podcast: Physical Fitness and National Security with Lt. Gen. (Ret) Mark Hertling, Modern War Institute

Pakistan’s Emerging Threat: Highly Educated Youth Gravitate to Radicalization, Voice of America
Islamic State video shows beheading of Russian intelligence agent, Washington Post
How to Stop a Lone-Wolf Terrorist? Australia Has a Plan, NY Times
Elevated threat to marine hulls, cargo, and port infrastructure in Saudi Arabia’s Jizan province from Yemen-based insurgents, Janes

Texas governor signs ban on so-called ‘sanctuary cities’, Police One
Using Kims Game to Improve Memory, Cops Alive
Storm’s A-Comin’, Fire Rescue Magazine
Access & Egress, Firefighter Basics
Lessons Learned from our Brothers in Blue, Firefighter Basics

Telemark Skiing is Dead, Powder
TGR’s New Film Proximity Begins World Tour, Adventure-Journal
(Video) Ski Guide turned Pilot Shows Motherhood at its Finest, Freeskier
So Ya Wanna Be a River Guide? Here’s How, Adventure Journal
Five Kayakers Held Hostage In Post-Peace Deal Colombia, Gear Junkie
Growing Up on the Stone, Wading Stone

Don’t Be Afraid of Inexpensive Fly-fishing Gear, Adventure Journal
Camperbox Is Pre-Fab Sleep Platform For Van Or Truck, Gearjunkie
The Equipment in Tommy Caldwell’s Gear Shed, Gripped
Go-To Gear for the Resort, Powder
Keep the Saws Running, Firefighter Basics

How Much Soy Can You Really Eat Before It Affects Your Testosterone? Men’s Journal
What I Learned from Meditating Every Day for Two Years, Men’s Journal
Exercise-in-a-pill’ boosts athletic endurance by 70 percent, Science Daily
The Secrets of Tom Brady’s Personal Trainer, Mens Journal
Snake Oil Supplements? Scientific evidence for popular health supplements,
Video: America’s biggest problem, TEDxReno by former Navy Seal Kirk Parsley
Sleep your way to optimal performance in just 7 days,
Fats Are Jet Fuel, Breaking Muscle
The Bold Spirit Physical Education System, Breaking Muscle
A Case Against Cardio (from a Former Mileage King), Mark’s Daily Apple
Are Germans leading a vegan revolution?
Why Everything We Know About Salt May Be Wrong,

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